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Winter Rejected By One Alpha Love By Another One Novel Read Online

Winter Rejected By One Alpha Love By Another One Novel Read Online - My mate rejected me and turned to the other woman because she promised to give him her pack as her dowry. However, what he doesn’t know is that I will soon be the Queen of the whole werewolf kingdom, which means all the packs will be under my reign.

Winter Rejected By One Alpha Love By Another One Novel Read Online 

“Nicky, what’s wrong?” I walk into my mate’s office and ask worriedly when I notice his abnormal expression.

He walks up to me, takes my hand into his, and speaks after taking a deep breath, “Please, just listen to me.”

“Okay.” I nod, gently stroking the back of his hand to calm him down.

“Listen, Winter, I love you, but I love my pack more, so I have to reject you and mate with Taffy. I’m sorry. I, Nicholas Irving, the future Alpha of the Goldtooth Manes Pack, reject Winter as my mate and future Luna.” His eyes are filled with struggle when he spits out these hurtful words.

“Oh…” I suppress the pain surging in my heart and calmly brush his hand off mine. So ridiculous. My mate wants to reject me right after sleeping with me.

“I, Alpha Winter, accept your rejection. Here are your keys.” I shake my head still looking at him in disbelief.

I came here tell him about my true identity, yet was rejected because he and his father thought I was a lowly she-wolf. Due to my deal with my father, I couldn’t tell him that I’m the princess of the werewolf kingdom and will be the Queen before. But today is my 18th birthday, which means the termination of the deal.

However, now I think it’s unnecessary.

I stand up and walk toward the door, not wanting to breathe in the suffocating air that is filled with his scent.

“I love you, Winter,” he says again.

I sneer.

“But not enough to believe in me. Or to keep your promise about not hurting me. Goodbye, Alpha Nicholas.”

With that, I walk out of his office, wanting to find a place to lick the wounds of being rejected by my mate alone.


Alpha Shane Atkinson walks into his house, he has been away on business for two weeks regarding his television station and his basketball team. He's met by Gage his Beta. They greet each other. Gage follows Shane into his office. Shane sits behind his desk as Gage updates him on everything that had been going on. Gage starts with the small things first which are a few of the young men fighting over some of the she-wolves.

He looks at his Beta. Okay, what about the big stuff. I know that look you gave me as soon as I saw you. Spill it, my friend." Shane laughs

Gage scratches the back of his head. "Nothing much. Those young male pups broke several windows out of the packhouse while they were fighting. I didn't say anything to you this morning because you were on your way back. I double their duties."

"Good. I assume they also replace the windows" Shane looks out the window at a few of the young children playing on the playground. He's wondering will he ever have a family.

"Yes, they did." Gage sees him looking at the kids. "Shane, you and I have been best friends since we were kids. It has been over two years since Jackie was taken from you. It's time to move on, besides I happen to know that you still have feelings for Winter. She was your first love. She's your true love. The only thing that came between you two was your age difference. If I'm not mistaken she'll be eighteen this year." Gage sits nearer the desk.

"True, I have to admit even when Jackie was alive I often thought about Winter. I still do as a matter of fact. Earlier today I remembered the time I called her a little girl. She smiled like an angel." He chuckles.

Gage laughs. "Yes, she did. She said there's more where that came from big bad handsome Alpha. How old was she then?"

"Fourteen. I had just turned eighteen. That was the last time she came to visit her aunt and the last time that I saw her. But that's the past. I'm sure that she has forgotten all about me." Shane takes a picture out of his wallet of him and Winter. "I wonder how is she doing? I loved me some Winter. Who am I kidding? I still do love her. Even though she was young. She's hard to forget. I wish I knew which pack she belongs to." He runs his finger on her face.

"Well, I can't help you with the name of her pack. But I had a feeling you still love her. I heard it through the grapevine that Winter will be arriving a few days after her birthday." Gage leans back in his chair looking at his Alpha. "You weren't here so I gave her aunt permission." He's looking at Shane who has jumped out of his chair, thinking "Come to think of it I wasn't asked, I was told" But he put that to the back of his mind.

Shane points at him. "Don't play with me. I'm serious don't play with me"

About that time Shane's Delta Dimitri walks into the office. Gage looks at him "Tell Shane who's coming for a visit."

"Winter" Dimitri smiles and sits down in the other empty chair that's across from Shane's desk.

Shane sits back in his chair smiling "I'm not letting her get away from me this time."


Winter has been dating Nicholas for four and half months now. Her parents warn her every time she talks to them that she shouldn't get serious with him because she has a mate out there.

She's sliding on a tan pair of gladiator sandals. Which goes perfectly with her tan shorts and white tee-shirt. Her signature hairstyle is a swooping braid to the right.

Parker and Harper are looking at her. Both are also concerned about her and Nicholas because they have been spending a lot of time together. It's not a day that doesn't go by that Winter and Nicholas don't see each other. Even if he is here for five minutes he has to see her. Besides, being a student, Nicholas is also the Ceo of the largest car dealership in Florida.

Parker is motioning for Harper to talk to her.

"Stop that" Harper mouths shaking her head

"Okay, you two. What's going on?" Winter turns to look at them

Harper is straightening Winter's shirt. "You know we'll be leaving here in a couple of weeks. What is going to happen with your and Nicholas's relationship?

"I don't know. Let's not think about it right now" She's walking to the door to answer it.

Nicholas is taken her to meet his parents. His mother has been bugging him to bring her to the house. She wants to meet her son's mate. As soon as the door opens he comes forward and says in her ear "I miss you."

Parker looks at Harper. "I heard that Taffy is going around telling everyone that she's going to be his mate soon"

"Nicholas doesn't pay her any attention. But we'll have to check into it. Don't say anything to Winter until we have some kind of proof." Harper sits down thinking. "Why would Taffy say something like that. She isn't his mate."


When Winter and Nicholas arrive at his house they're met by his mother. She leans back looking at Winter. "Nick said that you were beautiful but he never said this beautiful. Come in and have a seat." Sabrina has Winter's hand.

Winter looks over at him. He's looking at her smiling and walking behind her and his mother with his hands in his pockets.

Nicholas sits across them. His mother is planning a shopping trip for her and Winter. His father is standing in the doorway leaning against the wall looking at Winter.

She sees him watching her, thinking, "Don't let your guard down, He's up to something ."

Nicholas turns to look at his father. He sees the stern look that is giving Winter. "I'm sure that look has something to with me mating Taffy.

Irving walks further into the room. "I'm Alpha Irving Forrester" He looks at her

She looks up at him "Winter"

"What's your last name?" Irving looks at her then at Nicholas. All he sees is an angry expression staring at him.

She uncrosses her legs and turns to get a better look at him. "Just Winter"

"I see so you believe your Cher" He laughs looking at his mate and son.

Nicholas sits up in his chair "Father,_" Winter holds her hand up cutting him off. He nods his head and sits back in his chair, looking at her.

"Wow, it seems that you believe that you're a comedian. So I take it that you're Bob Sage. I never did find him funny. Just as I don't find you funny either, but I must say he's a good actor." She looks Irving up and down. "Yes, that is definitely you."

Nicholas and Sabrina burst out laughing.

Irving has never liked it when anyone gets the best of him. "Young lady you can't speak that way to an Alpha. You should know your place. There isn't anyone in this room more powerful than me. Not even your boyfriend" He points at Nicholas.

Winter's still looking at him "I know my place. I suggest that you learn your place. Are you sure about the power thing? I suggest that you double-check that. Babe, I feel that I should leave now. Before you become the Alpha sooner than Bob expects." She's walking out of the room

Irving is looking confused at her and wondering what did she mean. Sabrina is still laughing.

Nicholas is walking behind her, he looks at his father, " She's going to destroy everything of Luna"

Irving looks at Nicholas, thinking "We'll see about that" Then his mind goes back to the statement she said about power.

Every day since Nicholas and Winter have been dating Taffy comes home in an uproar. Most days she trashes her bedroom or looks for trouble to some of the omegas around. The nearer Winter's birthday gets the crazier Taffy acts.

Morlock has been trying to come up with a way for Taffy to mate with Nicholas. He's in the den, pouring his fifth glass of whiskey. He walks over to the window looking at his large pack.

Penelope walks in looking at her mate, thinking. "Well, I guess I have to think of everything. Men always want to run something but have no idea that we women are the real ones that are in charge" She walks over to him putting on a sweet act. "Dear, what's wrong? Tell your Penny how I can help you" She looks at him.

"Oh, my dear I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a way for our daughter to mate with Irving's son. I've done everything I could think of. I offered home money. That wasn't good enough when they have more money than we do."

She rolls her eyes. Penelope rolls her eyes. "Well dear how about we sweeten the pot and give Irving something he wants. After all, you were planning on turning the pack over to Taffy next year."

Morlock looks at Penelope "Honey what would I do without you? I know exactly what to do." He smiles. "You and me later,"

"Okay dear," She smiles walking over to the sofa to sit down.


Irving is sitting at his desk thinking about Nicholas and that Winter. Mostly about Winter, "her arrogant attitude. What did she mean about power?" That is something that has been on his mind since they met a few weeks ago. He sits back into this chair "I might need to look into Winter. She is hiding something. I said it once I'll say it again she might be from a rival pack. I can't allow that I have worked too hard for anyone to come here and destroy my pack. Yes, that's it she is a spy." He leans over to his desk looking around his office. "I have one of the largest packs around. Others always want to take that away from me."

Sabrina's walking smiling thinking, " Nicholas has finally got his mate. How much she like Winter." She stops and looks in the door at her mate wondering "what is he up to? I better keep an eye on him. I hope he let our son be happy" Sabrina walks away shaking her head. A few seconds later Irving's phone rings

"Phone Conversation"

Irving: Alpha Irving, speaking

Morlock: Hello my friend

Irving: Hello Morlock. What's going on?

Morlock: I think I have a proposal for you. This time the perfect one.

Irving: Really now what would that be?

Morlock: Nicholas to mate with my Taffy. In exchange for my pack. But we'll need security here.

Irving: (rubbing his chin) God, I say yes. But I'll have to convince my son. He has already found his mate.

Morlock: Oh I didn't realize, old friend. My apologies, we can disregard the proposal

Irving: Wait, no. I don't know anything about that girl. Don't worry I'll convince my son. I'll get back to you in a few days.

Morlock: Well, if your sure friend

Irving: Oh yea, very sure

Morlock: Okay, I'll wait for your call

"End of call"

Irving smiles, walking over to the bar. "Oh, my son. We have just been handed a golden ticket. If Morlock's pack and my pack combine. The only pack that would be larger than us is the Royal pack. Right now just an inch between us and Bravecrest Shadows."


King Reese has been pacing in his office when Pilar walks, looking at him. "Dear. What's wrong?"

He turns to look at her. "I've been thinking about our daugther's birthday. Maybe we should have a huge party and declare her as Queen at the same time."

"She nods her head. Now that would be nice. But it is short notice. Have you forgotten that Winter is leaving to go to Bravecrest Shadow pack for two weeks before coming home?"

"No dear I haven't forgotten. It will be a belated birthday party. I want all the Alphas and Future Alphas to be invited. Who knows her mate might be among them." Reese sighed "I still don't like that she and Nicholas Forrester are dating"

Pilar looks at him "Let her enjoy herself. Our daughter has made it clear that she's waiting for her mate before she goes too far with anyone."

Ethan walks into the office, he's looking a little strange. "Ethan and I have some kingdom business to discuss. When I'm done here You, Autumn, Sacha, and I will have dinner by the waterfall. It's a beautiful day."

She looks at him then at Ethan "Don't keep my handsome mate too long"

"Don't worry, Your Majesty I won't" Ethan laughs. He waits until she shuts the door. "I have done as you ask. I planted several new members at the university. So the girls don't know them. They managed to find out that Alpha Morlock's daughter is also interested in Nicholas. But he seems to only have eyes for Winter. We both know that Morlock is a strong Alpha besides when it comes to his conniving mate and it seems his daughter also."

Reese nods his head. "I heard a lot about Morlock's Luna. How is my daughter handling all of that?"

"Sir either she doesn't know or she doesn't care about this Taffy" Ethan laughs and looks at him "She doesn't care."

"Yes that sums it up" Reese laughs


Winter is in her bedroom packing her bags so that she'll be ready to leave. She smiles thinking about Shane Atkinson. "The fun that they had and he always stayed with her." Winter laughs.

Harper and Parker walk into the room. They're surprised to see her packing they both thought that she would delay traveling to visit her Aunt Ciara since she's dating Nicholas.

"So ladies make sure that you have everything ready so we can leave on time. I don't want anything special done on my birthday. It's the last night here and I would like to spend it with Nicholas. I have to admit that I'm going to miss him. He's so sweet and caring." Winter is looking at a picture that she and Nicholas took at the county fair a few weeks ago. " Once I'm gone maybe Taffy Tuttle will be satisfied. Whatever she has in store for Nicholas will work. I hope not. That is one desperate girl."

"Win, you knew about the rumor that she's spreading around campus?" Harper looks at her relieved

She laughs. "Just because I don't say anything doesn't mean that I don't know. Why would I give her the satisfaction of knowing that I know? It would only give her the edge to try to dig in further. Besides Nicholas has a mate out there somewhere " Winter sits down and picks up a little white and red teddy bear. She smiles.

"Is that the bear that Shane gave you?" Parker is looking at her and hugging her.

"Yes, before you say anything. He found his mate about two months after my last visit. Now it's time for me and Nicholas to find our mates. I only want the best for him. If he treats his mate as half of the way he treats me then she's one lucky woman." Winter picks up her blouse and puts it in her suitcase.

Nicholas is making plans for Winter's birthday and the night after. He wants it to be special after all that is also the day that she'll discover that he's her mate. He has been avoiding his father. So he has been staying at the condo in town that's near his dealership.

He's leaning back in his chair in his office looking at a 4 3/4 carat platinum diamond halo ring. Nicholas's plan is to mate with Winter on her tomorrow on her birthday. The next morning they would fly to Negril Jamaica. Where he plans to ask her to marry him. He's also hoping that she'll agree to marry him while they're there. He smiles thinking about her. He's brought out of his thoughts when Taffy walks into his office.

She sashays into this office. Her eyes go straight to the ring. She plays it off as if she doesn't see him sticking it in his pocket. Nicholas looks up at her. "Why are you here?"

"Hey man, I came to buy a car. What ask? I was hoping that you personally would help me choose." She smiles and bats her eyes at him.

He's walking past her "I can't I have something more important to do. But James can help you just as well." Nicholas motions for the middle-aged man to come over.

She's trying to stay calm but is fuming on the inside. Taffy is looking at him telling James to wait on her. Then he walks out of the showroom and back into his office.

James walks over to ask if he can help her. She smirks and looks him up and down. Taffy walks out of the showroom, gets in her car, and drives away.

Nicholas was sitting at his desk watching Taffy and James. He shakes his head as he walks out of his office to apologize to the man for Taffy's behavior. "I know she was up to something " He mumbles as he walks out of the showroom heading to his car.

Taffy is in her car yelling about the ring. She calls her mother.

"Phone conversation"

Mother; You need to come home.

Taffy: Mother, he has bought her a big diamond

Mother: (laughs) You should really calm down that will never happen. Your father has taken care of everything. Alpha Nicholas Forrester will be your mate whether he wants to or not

Taffy: I'm going to tell her to stay away from my mate

Penelope: No you won't do any such of a thing. If you do that then you destroy the plan. Go home.

"End of call"

Taffy speeds home, she already planning on having a kid to lock in the deal that her father came up with. She knows that Nicholas would never leave her if she has his child.


Sabrina walks into Irving's office. She's looking at him with a narrowed eye "Dear, do you have any idea why our son hasn't been home? I find it quite strange that he's staying at his condo this long."

He looks up from his desk. He has been spending the day with Winter. I knew that she wasn't a good girl. She was even acting all arrogant. Had the nerves to question me about my power." He hits his desk

"Don't start that. Winter isn't arrogant, she just put you in your place in a nice way. Nicholas wouldn't be with her until she turns eighteen. I know my son. He's not that type of man. Just because of that you're so determined to force our son to mate Taffy. That doesn't mean that all young ladies are." She sits down looking at him.

He waves her off "You have no idea what you're talking about. Morlock wouldn't raise a loose daughter. As for this Winter, I'm sure her parents don't have a clue what she does. After all, she's only seventeen and living in an apartment with two other young ladies. Which I find that strange also."

"She stands up " That's not strange at all. From what Nicholas has said about her. She and her friends graduated early and are taking a course at the college. Nothing strange about a young woman wanting to further their education. Our son loves Winter. I'm looking forward to spending more time with her. I've always wanted a daughter." Sabrina walks out of the room wondering "what has he done"

Irving sits back in his chair. "You'll have a daughter but it sure won't be her"

He sees Blake walking down the hall. He calls him into his office. As soon as Blake walks into his office. Where have my son, Hayden and you been staying these last few nights? I'm ordering you to tell me the truth" Irving points at Blake

Blake looks at him confused Because it's not a secret about their whereabouts. " Nicholas's condo. Now if that's all you want. I'll be on my way." He's walking out of the room shaking his head. Blake walks into the hallway where Hayden is waiting on him. "I don't like the feeling that I receiving from the Alpha"

"We need to talk to my sister now. I'm sure she knows something. Because I smell Taffy Tuttle all over it." Hayden is already walking upstairs.

"I told her to stay out of Nicholas's business." Blake walks past Hayden. Shonda is laying across the bed talking on the phone when the men walk into the room. "Hang the phone up" Blake sits down beside her.

She hangs up the phone looking at her mate and brother weirdly. Blake turns to look at her. "What are you and Taffy up to? We have heard the rumors that have been going around campus. I'm sure that Winter heard that. I'm just glad that today was the last day"

Hayden is looking at her while pacing at the foot of the bed.

"I know just as much as you two know. Taffy seems to be pretty sure that she'll be the Luna of our pack. I asked her what she was planning. But for once she's hush, hush. I did overhear her and Kirby saying something about her parents are even helping her."

Blake and Hayden look at each other. "Both men yells, as they are running out of the room and out the front door.


Shane has been on cloud nine ever since Gage and Dimitri told him that Winter is coming. He calls Ciara, Winter's aunt into his office. She's mated to his Uncle Clayton

Ciara chuckles as soon as Shane asks her to come to his office. She knew that has to be about Winter. Because he has been having the women clean everything over and over again. As if it needed it. The house is always impeccably clean. When she reaches his office door "Come in" Shane doesn't give her time to knock on the door.

Ciara walks into his office she sees him sitting behind his desk holding a picture in his hand. "Alpha you wanted to see me?"

"Yes, I do" He smiles still looking at Winter's picture. "Winter's birthday is tomorrow. I was informed that she'll be arriving in a few days. I would like her things brought to the bedroom next to mine. She and I have a lot of catching up to do. I know that she hasn't found her mate yet because she still has some hours before she's old enough. But do you know if she has a boyfriend? "Shane narrows his eyes looking at him.

Ciara smiled "Now regarding a boyfriend, she doesn't have one to the best of my knowledge. I'll make sure that her luggage is taken to your floor."

"Good, thank you." Shane smiles and nods his head. "Oh does she still love cream soda?"

"Yes, she does very much." Ciara is walking to the door. "I'll have some delivered."

"No. I'll go out to get it myself. There are a few more things that I want to do before Winter gets here. But I do need you to make sure that her bedroom has vases of rainbow roses in it. I hope she still loves those flowers. I had them grown especially for her." Shane looks back at her picture.

"She hasn't forgotten you either. Winter asks about you every time she and I talk. Good luck, Shane" Ciara walks out of the office.

"Yes "he whispers yell


Harper and Parker have been tieing up loose ends before they leave. Tonight the two ladies are going to the movies to see F9 The Fast Saga. Winter isn't going with them. She's planning on spending a quiet night with Nicholas. She hasn't told him that she's leaving the day after her birthday which is less than six hours from now.

Winter walks into the room. She's on the phone ordering some Italian food to be delivered for her and Nicholas's dinner.

"You and Nicholas have fun. I hope he and Wilder don't break anything. It would be nice to get our security deposit back" Parker picks up her purse.

"Girl, let's go. We didn't pay a security deposit." Harper laughs pushing her twin toward the door.

Parker shakes her head. "No we didn't, but King Reese did. Let's go to the movies"

Winter laughs looking at the twins walking out the door. A few minutes later the food that she ordered arrived. She walks into the kitchen to set setting everything up for Nicky's visit. As soon as she sits the plates on the table the doorbell rings. She smiles and Rieka perks up, "I guess we're both excited to see Nicky. Right on time as always" She glances at her watch while opening the door. "Hi handsome" She's still smiling

Nicholas is standing there wide-eyed looking at her dress. "God" he's thinking when Wilder growls "Don't just stand there. Speak,"

He smiles. "Oh right, hi Cuddle Bug I missed you."

She laughs "come on the food is getting cold"

He takes her hand walking her to the table. During dinner, they laugh a lot and talked. Nicky even suggested that they watch two movies tonight. So he can be here to be the first to tell her happy birthday. The first movie they watch was Copshop. Now they're watching the new Cinderella movie.

Nicholas looks at her, trying to go further"

Winter looks up at him. She sees that he and Wilder are talking to each other. She shakes her head "I can't. I'm sorry. But I'll only be with my mate. Nicky, you have a mate out there."

Nicholas smirks and growls. "There is something that I have been wanting to tell you since the day we met. I'm"

Rieka comes forward "Mate,"

" No way," Winter sniffs and smiles looking at him

"Yes way, I couldn't tell you. I didn't like that Brandon talking to you. Don't be upset. Do you accept me as your mate?"

She looks at him. "Yes"

Nicholas stands up and takes her to the room. "Cuddle Bug I promise tonight roses, music, romance, and anything else you want. I can't fight it anymore." And they really have a good time.

Nicholas looks over at his phone it has been ringing for about an hour. But it stops ringing. He leans toward to mark her, But his phone rings again. "It must be important. I forgot I have my link blocked.

She nods her head, looking at him and reaching for it.

"I'm on my way" He hangs up. "Baby my pack is being attacked"

"Wait I'll go with you" She raises the covers up.

"No, you stay here where you're safe. When you get up in the morning come to the pack. Drive my car." He gives her a smile and runs out of the apartment.

Winter lays back down smiling. "I have been dating my mate all this time. Who would have thought?"


When Wilder runs across their border he doesn't see any rogues are anything that is out of the ordinary. He links, Blake and Hayden. They inform him that they have been trying to reach him. Through their link and the calling his cellphone. He had blocked everyone out. The only reason he answered his phone was that his father was calling back to back. They need to speak to him before he talks to his father. Wilder walks behind a tree and shifts into his human form and picks up a pair of shorts from behind the tree.

Nicholas is walking toward the house, cussing every step that he makes. He tells Hayden and Blake to meet him.

As soon as they see him, they tell him everything that Shonda told them. Regarding Penelope and Morlock has done something to trick him into mating with Taffy.

"That will never happen. I was about mark Winter when my father interrupted us. I can't believe that he lied to me about us being attacked. But tomorrow she'll not only be my mate but my wife also. There isn't anything anyone can do to prevent that." Nicholas is walking faster

"Man I don't know. Your father has been acting weirder than usual. I know that your mother and he had a disagreement. He even called me in his office questioning me about where we have been staying." Blake is looking at Irving standing at the door motioning for Nicholas.

"Let me know when my mate arrives." Nicholas narrows his eyes as he walks over to his father.

Irving is walking in front of him as they walk into Irving's office. "Son sit down"

"Why did you tell me that we were being attacked? I just left my mate for no reason" Nicholas is still standing.

"It seems that you need to get your priorities in order" Irving sits behind his desk looking at his son

"My priorities are in order. I have never slacked off from any of my pack duties or my business. Now that Winter has accepted me as her mate. She's also my responsibility and one of my priorities. Father just say whatever you have to say. I have things to do." Nicholas is still standing and looking at Irving.

Irving turns to look out the window."I have accepted Alpha Morlock's deal. You will mate with his daughter Taffy."

"I will not" Nicholas yells

"Oh yes you will. Morlock is turning over his pack and territory to you on a silver platter. What can Winter do for you. Give you some beautiful and handsome pups that's about it. I take it that she's beautiful but she's not Luna material."Irving is looking at his son.

Nicholas falls into a chair looking stunned

"Now listen here, with both packs combine that'll make us the largest pack. There's no way that Alpha Shane Atkinson can ever get that many members. Right now we're tied with him. Do you want to be number one or not. Being the largest pack will even give us favor in King Reese Firewalker's eyes." Irving walks over to Nicholas."Either you reject Winter and mate with Taffy or I'll take the pack from you. I'll also pull my money out of it. Let's see how you and Winter will survive after losing everything. If that's not enough think about your mother. I'll reject her and put her on the street. I also expect a grandchild soon" Irving is walking out of the room. "You're not destroying my dream. So get with the program."

Nicholas is sitting there taking everything in. "I can't believe this." He yells

An hour or so later Winter drives in front of Nicholas's packhouse. Parker and Harper drive up behind her in Winter's black 2021 Maserati Levante Trofeo Suv. Winter steps out of Nicholas's 2021 silver Lamborghini Aventador. Parker and Harper walk beside her.

"So this is your pack" Parker is looking smiling and nods her head.

Winter is quiet as she looks around. "Something doesn't feel right"

"Do you think we might have to fight our way out of here" Harper is looking at Shonda on her cellphone.

"I don't believe it will come to that. But we will if need be. " Winter rings the doorbell.

Hayden answers the door and tells her that Nicholas is in his office waiting on her. She doesn't say anything as she walks toward the office.

"Well, I don't believe we'll be staying. Not by the way Win is acting. What do you think is going on?" Parker is looking at two men carrying some luggage upstairs.

Harper shakes her head. "I don't know but I'm beginning to have the same feeling that Win has."

Winter walks into his office. He's looking out the window with his eyes shut. Nicholas turns to look at her with a look that she has never seen on him before. "Sit down we need to talk" He points at the sofa.

"Nicky, what's wrong? " She sits down looking at him concerned.

He sits beside her, and takes her hand into his."Please just listen to me."

"Okay," she nods her head still looking at him.

"I love you. But I love my pack more. I'm sorry, so sorry. But I Alpha Nicholas Irving Forrester reject Winter as my mate and Luna of Goldtooth Manes." He pats her hand. "I'm mating with Taffy Tuttle"

"Oh," She snatches her hands from him and looks at him confused. "I Alpha Winter accept your rejection. Here are your keys." Winter shakes her head still looking at him in disbelief. Then she stands up and starts walking out of the office.

"I love you Winter" He looks at her reaching for the doorknob

"But not enough to believe in me. Or to keep your promise about not hurting me. Goodbye Alpha Nicholas." Winter walks out of the office. She's met by Sabrina.

"I see you're already moving your things in" Sabrina looks at her.

"Those aren't mine. They are your son's, new mate. It was nice to meet you, Sabrina. Now if your will excuse me. I have a long ride ahead of me." She walks over to Harper and Parker. "Let's go, ladies"

The twin looks over at Nicholas and rolls their eyes.

Sabrina turns to look at Nicholas. He's standing there staring at Winter. Then he points at his father with his head. She looks at Irving. He standing there smiling with his hands in his pocket.

Taffy is walking into the door as Winter and the twins are going to the door. She smirks and leans to Winter. "I won. I have your mate. How does it feel?"

Winter looks at Taffy and couldn’t bear anymore. Which sends her flying across the room into a grandfather clock. She walks over to Taffy who is laying on the floor and looks down at her. "How does it feel? Is there anything else you want me to answer?"

Taffy shook her head looking at Winter in fear.

"I didn't think so" Winter looks at Nicholas. "Someone needs to come to help your Luna get up off." She walks out of the door.

"You" Nicholas yells looking at Winter until she's out of sight.

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