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Wild Love With My Triplet Mates Novel Read Online

Wild Love With My Triplet Mates Novel Read Online - I, Jessabelle Simons, reject Roy Miller as my mate and Red Moon as my pack. Once I got to the edge of the pack’s territory, I stopped on the side of the road and I said the words that I never thought I would ever have to say. I felt the bond that seemed to weigh heavy on my heart and soul, break completely and felt freer than ever. After I was rejected by my mate alpha Roy, I decided to leave my pack. I drove off to find a place to start my new life.

After 5 years. I can not believe it has been 5 years since I became a member of the Thunder Mountain pack. My Alpha Triplet helped me train and lose all my extra weight so now I was the number one female warrior in the pack, as well as one of the few sexiest women in the pack.
Wild Love With My Triplet Mates Novel Read Online

My name is Jessabell Simons. I am the younger twin of Alex Simons. Our parents are the betas of the Red Moon pack, Angela and Michael Simons. I have been bullied and shunned by the whole pack for the last 5 years.

I would be turning 18 tomorrow so maybe I would find a mate that could help me through this jail. It was just something that wasn't even my fault.

-5 years ago-"Lady Isabelle? What are you doing?" I asked while seeing the Luna sneaking down the stairs.

"I am going into town to get some surprises for my husband, Marcus, and my son, Roy. Would you like to come with me?" Lady Isabelle was a kind Luna and I enjoyed spending time with her.

"I would love to. I will just leave a note for mom and dad."

"Oh don't worry dear. If they get mad that you didn't say anything I will be here for you. We need to hurry before people start waking up though."

she kept glancing around.

"Alright, Lady Isabelle." I said with a bow.

She laughed a little bit and said,"

You are so much like your father. No matter how close we all are you and your father still address me and my husband so formally."

"It comes with the respect and title you hold my lady." I quickly ran and got dressed. Once we left for town Lady Isabelle asked a lot of questions about me like she always did.

"Why do you train to be a warrior Jess? I know your brother is going to be the next beta when my son becomes alpha, but do you truly want to be a warrior?"

I thought for a moment. "|honestly am not 100% sure what I want, but when father started training Alex to be beta I got the feeling I needed to be strong as well. So I convinced our father to train me as well."

I learned when I was 10 that I had a bit of a sixth sense. It comes out of nowhere and is not always clear, but I thought if I trained hard enough I could use it in battle.

Lady Isabelle looked at me and smiled. "Ok, how do you feel about my son Roy?"

I stiffened and blushed a bit. "I like him but he would never like me in return." She acted so shocked that I was so honest.

"Remember Lady Isabelle. I can not lie?"I said with a smirk, she laughed at my little joke.

It was true. It was like I was unable to tell a lie. It may seem like a curse but I was also able to tell when others were lying to me.

"Ah yes, you were gifted with honesty. Which means that you can never lie, but in return you no one can ever lie to you either." Lady Isabelle and I have tested it out so many times and found that if I am in physical contact with someone my gift passes through to them and they can only say the truth. She is the only one that knows about my gift.

"Why don't you think he will like you,sweetie?"

"Because I haven't told anyone about my gift, not even my parents and it makes me insecure about whether they will accept it."

Before she could say anything we heard a few low growls. We snapped our heads up and saw rouges coming towards us.

I was 13 so I couldn't shift. Lady Isabelle shifted into a beautiful light grey wolf, and let out a loud howl. I knew the alpha and father could hear her.

I picked up a stick to use to fight,but these wolves were better than a 13-year-old.

Lady Isabelle was fighting and killing left and right. Something was different about these rouges though. As soon as Lady Isabelle killed one the body disappeared. It was almost like they wanted to cover up their track very thoroughly.

I was so caught up in my observation that I let one rouge get too close and it got my left arm, it bit down hard causing me to scream, and that distracted Lady Isabelle long enough for another rouge to sink their teeth into her neck and snapped it. After killing our Luna they ran off.

I was sobbing on the ground and holding my broken arm when the alpha and father came up to us. Alpha was beyond pissed about his Luna and he blamed me for her death.

"WHAT HAPPENED HERE JESSABELLE!?!"He roared as my mother, my twin Alex, and his son Roy came up to us.

Roy was extremely close to his mother and burst into tears at the sight of her body.

"Rouges came out of nowhere and left as soon as they killed Lady Isabe-" I was smacked hard by the alpha.

"Don't ever say her name you worthless mutt. There is no smell on rouges here at all. I only smell you and my mate's scent here. You must have killed her after she bit your arm."

"I did no such thing alpha. I am not lying." I said with my head lowered.

I never felt so alone. My parents ignored me completely, my brother and

Roy bullied me and beat me daily. My story of that day never changed, but no one in the Red Moon pack ever believed me.

For the last 5 years, I have been shunned and abused. Mostly by the alpha, Roy, my parents, and my own twin brother Alex.

Usually, when twins are born they feel each other's pain if our bond is strong enough. When we were just starting to train and father broke Alex's arm, I felt half of the pain that he felt. I guess our bond was no more since Alex never felt anything the pack did to me,or he just stopped caring.

I stopped training and started to eat for comfort. I did gain a bit of weight, but I still looked good. I was 5'10 so the weight hid my natural curves and I had long dark midnight hair that went to the middle of my back and blue-green eyes.

After I got dressed for school I threw my hair up into a tight bun. As soon as I was out the door my brother and Roy flipped me off as they pulled out of the driveway to speed to school laughing.

I was never allowed to talk back to anyone in the house, that would only result in getting me beaten by someone later on. I sighed and started walking to school.

Once I got to school, I made it to class before I was late. I sat in the back and was never called on and no one ever sat near me.

Roy was going to become the new alpha the day after, mine and Alex's birthday, tomorrow. Since we will be 18, Alex will take over as beta. I get the normal shoves here and there from random pack members in the hallways.

No one cares.

Today at lunch Roy, Alex and some of their friends come over to me. I just continue to eat and not pay them any attention.

If I do or don't they will never leave me alone anyway so why care about it.

I'm eating when all of a sudden my food is snatched right out of my hands and thrown onto the floor.

"Don't you think you are fat enough Jessie?" Alex asked with a pretend smile on his face. I say nothing.

Alex was a good looking guy with his shaggy blonde hair and amber eyes. He was also 6'2 and had ripped muscles.

"You know Jess, how is your arm.

The one that my mom should have ripped off your body that day?" Roy asked with a disgusted look on his face.

Roy was hot good looking as well, 6'4ripped muscles, like Alex, and dark brown hair, and bright blue eyes. I still say nothing.

I thought they would leave me alone sooner or later if I say nothing.

Most pack members started to think I went mute, because of how little I have spoken the last 5 years.

Roy is getting angry and grabs me by the throat. He slams me up against the wall behind us and asks again. "

I looked him dead in the eyes and told the truth like always. "My arm that a rogue injured is doing well, thank you oh so much for your concern. "

Alex and Roy had become major playboys since the Luna's death. Roy roared and threw me to the floor hard and Alex came up quick and kicked me right in my ribs. Then their friends started beating on me as well.

After they left me bleeding and bruised on the floor I walked out of school and into the forest.

I didn't care anymore. The only thing that kept me going was my mate.

I knew my mate would understand me and still love me. He would have to.

Mates were gifts from the Moon Goddess. They were made to love and cherish us for all our lives.

I walked until I got decided that the pain was too much to handle anymore. I sat under a big shady tree.

'I should just leave this place.' I thought to myself.

It was not like anyone would care if I was here or not. I bet the only ones that would find out that I was gone would be Roy and Alex. Since they would go looking for their personal punching bag and not find it anywhere.

I doubt the alpha or my parents would even notice.

My parents haven't so much as spoken to me since that day Lady Isabelle died. I would be either upstairs in my room or down in the kitchen and they would celebrate my brother's birthday, but never acknowledge me. I was the bain of their reputation. I felt so alone and so voided of any emotions.

I thought back to the night I was actually thinking of ending it all.

'Life is full of pain and suffering,but there is also great joy and love."

I wondered what kind of man my mate would be like. Would he love me and cerish me just like we were taught about mates?

All young wolves are taught that mates were sacred gifts from the Moon Goddess and suppose to be loved and cherished for life. Losing a mate is the worst thing to ever happen to a wolf.

Most take their own lives when they lose their mate and others focus on something to keep from going insane.

Like how the alpha's focus point was that it was my fault he lost his mate,but at least he was still a kind alpha and father to his pack and son.

I didn't realize I fell asleep in the woods only to awake to such pain. I knew right away it was my first shift as I started to hear my bones break and reshape. So I quickly took my shorts and shirt off at least, before the breaking and rearranging of my bones kept me from moving. Normally a young wolf's family would be there to ease them into their first shift.

I felt as if I was going to die all alone for the pain was almost unbearable. By the time the pain subsisted, I was laying down on my stomach and instead of my arms and hands in front of me, I had long fury legs with massive paws at the end of them.

I tried to stand, but I fell a few times as it was tricky to do. Once I finally got up on all four paws I lifted my head and howled. I then took my first few shaky steps. Within a few minutes, I got the hang of the feeling. I started to walk around and then turned into a full run under the stars.

I never felt so free.

I went to get a drink from a nearby lake and saw that my wolf was all black like my hair except for a patch of fur right around my right eye that was white and shaped like a crescent moon.

My wolf's eyes were also pretty rare as they were heterochronic. My right eye was ocean blue and my left eye was deep forest green. I have never heard of a wolf with two-colored eyes before.

Maybe it had something to do with my gift of honesty.

"Hello, my little one. My name is Midnight. I am your wolf. We will be together from now and forever." she purred while looking at the water like a mirror.

"I am so happy not to be alone anymore. I hope our mate will love me as much as I love you Midnight."I smiled and then Midnight and I ran around the forest for hours into the night.

After I shift back and get dressed I walk home. No one notices me because they were eating and having a big party for Alex.

Alex was in wolf form showing it off. His wolf had dark gray fur with white patches on his paws and caramel-colored eyes.

I start to walk away when I feel a pull and smelled fresh cut grass I followed it.

It leads me to Roy standing next to the pack bimbo, Amber, with an arm around her waist, Roy must have felt it too because he looks up and makes eye contact with me. I walk away and he follows me.

He was faster than me, so it wasn't hard for him to catch up to me. The next thing I know I am thrown up against the wall and held by my throat and he stared into his bright blue eyes.

"Why would the Moon Goddess match me with someone like you?

Some worthless mutt that killed my mother?" he was furious.

The next thing I know is I am being thrown to the floor and hearing his next few words. Words that no wolf ever wants to hear from its mate.

"I Roy Miller, future alpha of the Red Moon pack, reject you, Jessabelle Simons as my mate and future luna.

I felt the worst pain ever coming right from my chest as if I was shattered and set on fire.

He walked away before I had a chance to say anything.

After the pain subsided enough for me to move. I crawled my way to my room and as soon as I entered I felt even more pain. It was like the rejection pain by magnified by ten.

"Midnight what is happening? Is this the rejection pain?"

"No little one it is our mate. Mate not only rejected us, but he is also sleeping with another right now." She whimpered in severe pain.

"B-b-but he rejected us. Why am I feeling the pain of betrayal?" I asked.

"Because sweet child. We had not had the strength to accept his rejection. The bond remains intact until both sides have rejected each other. It is only worse because our mate is of alpha blood." Midnight whined as we both felt another wave of pain course through our body. The pain grew to be so intense I passed out on the floor.

I wake up before dawn and everyone is asleep. This was the final straw. If my own mate wanted nothing to do with me and then hurt me with the pain of betrayal through our broken bond, then I am done. Done with this pack, my mate, my so called family.

I have had it.

I used my anger energy to get up and pack my stuff into a couple bags. At the end of it I had a backpack and a suitcase with what little I had. I took out the old shoe box I had under my bed and grabbed what little money I had been saving.

I walked to the driveway and took my brother's old car and drove off.

Once I got to the edge of the pack's territory, I stopped on the side of the road and I said the words that I never thought I would ever have to say, "I, Jessabelle Simons, herby reject Roy Miller as my mate and Red Moon as my pack."

I felt the bond that seemed to weigh heavy on my heart and soul, break completely and felt freer than ever.

The pain from my chest cleared and I felt light.

I drove off to find a place to start my new life.

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