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Their Warrior Luna Novel Read Online

Their Warrior Luna Novel Read Online - Mate. In unison, was growled behind me as two hard, sweating bodies turned the handle, pushing me into the room. The scent. It was the twins. they are eighteen now. for goddess' sake. W—what? No. No. No. I said, pointing at them when I saw the look in their eyes. They are disappointed. Unhappy. What felt like a lifetime passed until both exhaled a shaky breath before being able to even look at me. I, Axel Grimm, and I, Atlas Grimm, hereby reject you, Harley Grace Ashwood as our mate and Luna.

Their Warrior Luna Novel Read Online

Ten years later

Keep going, Harley. Keep going. My legs were aching, and my lungs were desperate for air. A huge old oak caught my eye. Launching myself into it was a clever idea until the bark bit into my already aching flesh, digging into my palms and feet. I can't let myself focus on that now. Keep pushing. Climb. Branch by branch, I climbed until the branches were getting too thin to hold my weight, yet still, they were too close. I feel them closing in on me like a predator after prey. Slow your heart rate. Breathe. They have to be under me by now.

The air around me shifted into something else, something thick and scary.

"Come out, little bird." The tone in Axel's voice made me tremble.

I will. They don't know you are here, Harley. Don't give in.

They are climbing the tree.

"We see you, little bird. Let's talk." Atlas's dark voice made my heart start thudding again.

My brain started swirling with panic, and the urge to vomit made me dizzy. They found me. My brain buzzed with ideas to get me out of here and away from the twin terrors that were ruining me.

The branches below me were swaying. Creaking and growling with their added weight. What do I do?... What do I do? JUMP! I gave in to the voice, singing a clear escape for me. What is the worst that could happen? I either break my legs, and they finish what they started, the fall kills me, or… I get away.

I didn't give myself a second to let my fear make me back out. I leaped through the branches. Falling… Falling.


A growl wracked my aching chest; my duvet and sheet wrapped around my legs, leaving me tied up on the floor. Sweat had my hair glued to my forehead, and sleep still nipped at me even after all that. My brain wanted me to run for my life. In my mind, I was still that fragile sixteen-year-old little girl.

The softness of the carpet and the sound of the rain swallowing the city kept me grounded in reality. Tears burned in my eyes, a catharsis I would not allow myself. Get it together. They don't get tears… they don't get anything. I scrapped myself off the floor with a growl tossing my bedclothes back to where they belong, making my bed before I let myself address my body screaming for caffeine.

Even after ten years, the nightmares still haven't stopped.

I took the stairs by two, anxiety in my bones like a corrosive substance begging me to melt away. The smell of freshly brewed coffee bounced around the kitchen, making me growl.

I wasn't sure what time it was, but I noticed the orange hadn't pecked the sky yet.

I took my coffee to the bedroom with me, a part of me still begging to hide away. My reflection caught my eye in the floor-length mirror. My long black hair hanging down around my waist is a mess. My soft pale skin was covered in inked lace and flowers wrapping tightly around every curve, dancing around every inch of my skin mixed with images of death and drama perfectly coexisting in a storm of chaos and control.

Andrew came through my door in a huff, his clipboard glued to his chest.

"I just can't live today. Can we just stay in bed?" he puffed, throwing his clipboard down anywhere, placing his coffee on the nightstand, and burrowing into my already-made bed.

This has become routine for us. We caffeinate, complain, and then move forward with the day.

"I do not understand why you, who should be the head warrior of this pack or better yet should be gamma, let's be honest, and myself, the undeserving gamma, have to train this pack! I hate it… like, I love it, obviously. But I hate it." He blew, flipping his hair to the side.

"You are an amazing gamma. I could not be a gamma and would just rather not. The only reason I am even a decent warrior is that I am constantly very bitterly angry. Lastly, we train the pack because it is our job." I sipped my coffee, giving him the same speech, I have had every morning for six years.

Byron busted in next, also not knocking. Taking the other side of the bed by Andrew.

"What's on the schedule for today?" he stole Andrew's coffee, earning him a whine from his best friend.

"Training." I huffed, searching the bottom of my closet for the Adidas I had seen yesterday.

"You really shouldn't be so dry with your alpha Harley." He puffed up.

"Ohhh—I apologize, alpha. I meant to say that we are doing the same thing we do every day. It's just a different day. Now give him his coffee before his tears stain my silk sheets." Byron and Andrew have been my best friends since the day of the incident that left me in their pack territory.

Byron was just seventeen then. Still, in training to take the alpha role one day, I was just a scrawny sixteen-year-old girl whom his father pitied.

He deflated at my defiance, letting a sigh out behind a smile.

"Let's get to it then. I have back-to-back meetings today, so I will not be around, and don't you two forget, we have Amari's birthday dinner tonight at six." He walked out, ruffling my hair even worse on his way out.

Even after Byron found Amari and Andrew found Clayton, they still treated me like I was their little sister. I adore being able to have them despite everything. Andrew was still rambling as I went into the closet, putting on a black sports bra and training shorts.

Reluctantly we made our way to the training grounds to set up for today. Thankfully for me, today is weaponry and battle in human form, which is my forte, considering my wolf went dormant after the incident. I haven't been able to shift since. I know she is still with me; I feel her from time to time rustling in the darkest parts of my mind, but never anything more than that.

As we began, I let the fear and anger left over from my nightmare fuel me through the training. Giving me an extra boost to search for something new to learn or a way to improve my techniques. After training, I ran home to shower and dress for Amari's dinner. I couldn't decide what to get her, so I settled for a bag in her favorite color.

Only thirty minutes into dinner, my phone rang. Which is odd, considering the people I talk to regularly are already here. The name flashing on the screen had anxiety in my throat. It's Denny.

"Excuse me, guys. I need to take this." I excused myself, reluctantly dragging my way outside.

The cool night air whipped in soft tendrils blowing my hair around.

"Denny. It's been a while." I see no point in formal greetings with anyone in my family. I love them, but after I left Clearwater Pack with no intention of returning, the way they began viewing my life and choices was nothing short of judgmental despite my success here.

"Harls... it's time to come home." His voice was like a quite melancholy tune.

I tried to hide the indifference in my tone, but he knew I would rather die than face the Grimm twins. Not to mention, Axel and Atlas Grimm would rather kill me than have me on their territory.

"That isn't possible." I deadpan.

"Harley... Mom and Dad were killed in a rogue attack last night. I need you... we... need to make their arrangements. I can't do this alone. You've been granted access back into Clearwater. Come home."

Sorrow clung to his words like a leech, but my brain wasn't grasping the meaning behind what he had said. I had just talked to Dad two days ago.

"W--what?" My mouth was painfully dry, and I felt like I was trying to swallow a golf ball.

"Just come home. I love you, Harls." A soft click of the call disconnecting left me suffocating on the weight of his words.

Walk. Now. Walk it off.

My feet moved on their own. I didn't know where I was going, but I couldn't stop myself. I messaged Andrew telling him I was leaving. I don't even know what I said to the man.

When my brain caught up to my feet, I was back in my room packing two weeks of clothes into my backpack. Andrew and Byron came into my room, trying to figure out what was happening and what I was doing, but I couldn't articulate words. I just kept packing. Byron took me by my shoulders, shaking me.

"Harley! What is going on?" his voice was calm, but I could see the concern in his soft brown eyes.

"I have to go back." The tears welled in my eyes at the only words I could spit out for them.

Control. Get control. I sucked air through my nose, holding it until my chest ached before letting it out slowly. Over and over, I tried to rid my body of the pins and needles and the ten-ton weight on my chest and abdomen.

Turn it off.

One more breath, then turn it off.

I inhaled one more time. One. Two. Three. Four. On five, I let every sensation crawling on my skin go, turning off my emotions and tucking them away for later.

My face relaxed into a blank expression; my body was numb to the circumstances. My eyes met Andrew, who was having his own minor breakdown about how over his dead body would I step foot onto those pricks' territory.

"My parents were murdered in an attack last night. Denny needs me." Their faces fell flat.

At this moment, I chose to let the numbness spread throughout me like wildfire. Control.

"I head out tonight. I shouldn't be gone for more than a week or two, but I may need you all to ship me more stuff if I can't get away from Denny." My hands were steady, and my actions more calculated.

"What… What about them?" Andrew's voice was quiet, but his green eyes glistened with unshed worry for me.

"If the three of us cross paths, then I will do the thing a sixteen-year-old I couldn't do. Something I should have had the backbone to do long before now." I mumbled, folding some training clothes into my bag.

Something tells me I will be exhausting myself to maintain control of my emotions. I could only choose one pair of shoes for my bag, and since I was taking my bike, I chose my boots to wear. My heart clenched at her begging me to address the alphas so I could come home to her. She was the only one I ever spoke to about my rejection other than Byron, his father, and Andrew. She wanted to leave over and over and come here to be with me but was fearful it would jeopardize Denny's beta position.

I changed into skinny jeans hanging on by a thread, a black cropped tee, and my riding jacket and combat boots. Byron grabbed my bag and wrapped an arm around me as we walked out to my motorbike. Sleek, matte black metals sat cool between my thighs, purring. I had gotten my hugs and goodbyes, and I had my phone tucked into my bag and my hair tucked into my helmet. I was ready, but reluctance tugged at me.

I am safe here, and I am happy.

Denny needs me. I shot a smile to my best friends… my brothers. I closed my visor and peeled out with dread filling my bones. It's only a two-hour ride back into Clearwater territory. The whole way, the trees danced in darkness like something from nightmares plunging me further into my memories of the morning I was forced to leave my home.

"I, Atlas Grimm, and I, Axel Grimm, hereby reject you, Harley Grace Ashwood as our mate and Luna." Their words ripped through me like barbed wire laced with fire and salt, shattering me into millions of pieces.

I let myself be pulled into the rabbit hole of the past until the smell of rot and decay snapped me back to reality, almost giving me whiplash. I am fifteen miles from the entry point of Clearwater, and I am surrounded.

Stop the bike. There is no one to call. They will not let me pass… fight.

Excitement flooded me at the possibility of working off the energy humming under my skin. I focus my senses as my bike comes to a stop. Six. There are six of them, at least. I climbed off my bike, letting my helmet and backpack rest on the seat. The small hum started feeling more like being wrapped in an electric fence when I saw their shadows emerging from the forest line. Three gruff wolves stepped forward.

Three are still hiding. Stay close to the bike. A wicked smile spread across my lips when their snouts wrinkled into menacing growls, and their teeth snapped at the air in a warning.

I removed my jacket to move more fluidly, never taking my eyes from theirs. I had my nose trained behind me, keeping myself prepared for an ambush by the others. An internal relief flooded me when I realized Byron had attached my katana to my bike before I left.

Only twenty feet. Stay sharp. I drew my katana as laughter bubbled when I heard their paws scraping the highway in pursuit of me. The largest of the three charged first, leaping for me. I slid under him, dragging my blade the full length of his chest and abdomen, bathing myself in his blood and guts. A cackle tore through me, as I charged the one behind him dodging his first swipe, narrowly escaping the large paw that had intentions of ripping out my throat.

He snapped at me as his friend circled from the back. I drove my blade through his skull, shivering at the feeling of his skull giving way to the impact. The others are in the tree line. They are circling in. Get moving. I kicked the one charging from behind, relieved when my boot connected with his snout. Distracted by his blurred vision, made slitting his throat easy enough.

The other three had watched the whole thing as spectators but had not come forward. As I rounded my bike, they fled. I put my blade away, strapped my bag so it wouldn't get destroyed, tucked my hair back into my helmet, and left, hoping the other three kept their distance.

I stopped a few miles away, calling Denny and asking him to meet me at the gate and give me clearance without explaining my reasoning. I had no intention of stopping like this. The blood had started drying, cracking away under my movement. Still, I am rolling into foreign territory, looking like something out of Carrie, and that may not work in my favor. The stretch into Clearwater was before me, and I picked up speed.

"I can't stop Den. I met some rogues a few miles out." I used my pack link for the first time in a long time, and it almost felt right. My skin shivered at the thought of anything here feeling right.

"What? Where? I'm sorry, Harls, but you have to stop." Denny linked back, and anger slammed into me. I refuse to be a puppet in this pack. "Harls, slow down." He linked again before he stepped into my path, forcing me to slow down and stop. Breathe. No one knows you.

I took my helmet off, taking in the shocked expressions of Denny and two others I didn't recognize.

"Harley, are you okay?" the fear in his voice was almost pitiful.

He started patting me, looking for the wounds that caused the blood to cover me. He's taking their deaths harder than me.

"It is not mine, Den. There were six rogues about fifteen miles out. Your patrol is useless, or I wouldn't have had to take care of three of them myself. The others fled. You may want to push your patrols out for a better scope before they get too close." His jaw clenched, but he nodded, and when his eyes glazed over, indicating a mind link being formed. I breathed a little easier, knowing he had taken my advice.

In the last ten years, Denny, more than my parents, knew my position in Byron's pack and had some hint of what I was capable of. Neither he nor my parents knew my wolf was dormant, though, and I fear that could cause issues here.

"I'm going to the house, Den." As I was putting my helmet back on, he stopped me.

"Harls, the house was burned down in the attack. I have you a space on the beta floor of the pack house." He couldn't make eye contact with me because he knew the magnitude I would carry.

No. I will NOT sleep under their roof.

"Denny… Are you kidding me? No. I will rent a room." I crossed my arms in an attempt to hold myself together. I feel like I could explode.

Sudden exhaustion crashed into me, my body sore from the rogue attack, my stomach growling from the dinner I left behind at Amari's party, the anger of the situation just too much to swallow. Inhale. One. Two. Three.

"That isn't an option either." Denny said.

He seems concrete in his decision, and that pisses me off more.

"Just a few days, Harls… please! I need my sister." Denny may be my big brother, not to mention he is the big bad beta of Clearwater. But he got mothers emotional side, something I was thankfully spared.

"Fine. Let's go." I nodded to the truck I assumed was his.

My chest was ready to cave in at the thought of being around them. I was so stupid and weak back then that I couldn't even accept their rejection. The minute they turned eighteen and realized I was their mate, they immediately rejected me to 'spare' me the loss of the bond. I have dealt with that loss every day since. It's my fuel, my drive. I knew I would be strong enough to accept that rejection one day. But I wasn't expecting it to be today. I came to plan a funeral. Instead, I have to accept their rejection, looking like Carrie.

I let Denny lead us even though I know this place like the back of my hand. Denny pulled us into a garage, and I shut off the bike, climbed off, and threw my backpack at him.

Just then, I caught a familiar scent sparking my body with a flame that had my thighs clenching.

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