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The Vengeful Luna's Fate Novel Read Online

The Vengeful Luna's Fate Novel Read Online - I, Caroline Irene Caster, reject and break my bond with you, Donavon Leaf James. As soon as the words leave my mouth, I feel pain in my chest that is more manageable than the pain of his betrayal. I steady myself and breathe through it. Donavon falls to the ground clutching his chest. Accept the rejection. We are done. Caroline, please he says, and takes a step toward me.

Please what, Donovan. Please forget what I just saw in our room. Please forget that you killed our pup and the next heir to our pack. Please be your dutiful Luna and let you keep sleep with my stepmother. What exactly are you asking me to do? Never, we can fix this he screams.

I laugh again, There is no fixing this. My rejection is final. I, Caroline Irene Caster, challenge you Alpha Donavon Leaf James for the Alpha title of the Fire Ring Pack. I'm consumed by hate and rage. Candy Caster, for your crimes against the Alpha and Luna's bond, you have been sentenced to death. Your punishment will be immediate.

The Vengeful Luna's Fate Novel Read Online

Caroline POV

My name is Caroline Caster. I'm twenty years old and the only child of Alpha Cain of the Fire Ring Pack. My father had hoped for a son but after he lost his fated mate, he was never able to have another child.

He took a chosen mate when I was three years old. They were never blessed with a child. Despite his desire to have a son, he has never been unkind to me, just indifferent.

He has given me all the things I have needed except affection. I'm grateful for all that I have, but it would have been nice to feel important to my father. Despite being the perfect daughter, he doesn't truly see me. He doesn't truly want to. I am a means to an end. He is waiting till I meet my mate so he can make him the next Alpha of our pack.

As my father says "a woman is to stand behind her mate, not in front of him. She builds him up and makes sure he has a soft place when he is done ruling the world." I can't even begin to say how many times I have rolled my eyes in my mind at those words.

"Caroline, come to my office now." My father's words in my mind bring me out of my thoughts.

My muscles ache and I'm covered in the filth of training. Most women in my pack would be repulsed by the state I'm in, but I love it. Training is my favorite part of the day.

I think things would be different if my mother was still alive, but I have no way to know for sure. My mother died while giving birth to me. I wish I got to meet her, but I'm grateful that my father met my stepmother, Candy. She has always treated me like her own daughter.

She is beautiful and honestly, she looks like my older sister despite her age. I've heard so many stories of evil stepmothers like in fairy tales, but she is nothing like that.

When I reach the pack house, I use the rear entrance so I don't run into my father.

I take the stairs that lead to the second floor. As I walk down the hallway toward my father's office, I stop walking. The scent of citrus invades my nose and Clover is losing her mind. I reach the office door and take a deep breath before I turn the handle. When I open the door my eyes land on the most handsome man I have ever seen. He is on his feet and has his arms wrapped around me, before I can even ask his name.

My father's laugh gets my attention. It's a rare sound and it sounds wrong coming from him. "I guess I won't have to make you take Donovan as a chosen mate. It seems the goddess agrees with my choice" my father says. I see Candy standing behind my father.

She is smiling from ear to ear. She knows how important it is for me to have my fated mate. I'm happy to have found him, but a part of me is still angry that my father thought he could make me take a chosen mate. Donovan pulls his head from my neck and looks into my eyes.

"You are so beautiful. I'm a lucky man to have such a beautiful, strong mate." His words make my insides flip. Maybe the goddess has answered my prayers and given me a mate who will actually want the real me. "I, Donovan Leaf James, accept you, Caroline Irene Caster, as my mate."

"You can add and Luna Donovan, you will be the Alpha when I step down" my father interrupts. I bustle at his words and Donovan seems to notice. He looks in my eyes and I nod. He repeats his acceptance and adds the word, Luna. I smile "I, Caroline Irene Caster, accept you, Donovan Leaf James, as my mate and Alpha." I feel the bond start to snap into place. "Take your mate to your room and complete the mating, Caroline" my father insists.

Goddess, this man is relentless. "Cain, calm down. They have accepted each other. I'm sure they would like to speak for a few minutes before they complete the mating", Candy says, and I couldn't be more grateful.

I take Donovan's hand and lead him out of my father's office before he can say another crass word. We reach my room and once we are inside, Clover is pushing me to claim him, but Candy's right. I would like to at least to know him before he takes me to bed.

I lead him over to a sitting area and he follows me without protest. "Donovan, why don't you tell me a little about yourself." He smiles "I'm twenty-three years old. I'm a warrior from the Blood Moon Pack. I have two sisters who are both mated to warriors."

"How did my father find you?" "He had visited our pack and told me how impressed he was with my fighting ability. I think he was more excited that I have Alpha blood in my family line if I'm being honest. He is a pretty intense man." I laugh "that's putting it lightly."

He takes my hand in his and the tingles dancing on my skin nearly takes my breath away. "I mean no disrespect, Caroline, but your father seems to think that women are incapable of leading. He sounds like a jerk when he speaks like that. I do not share his feelings. I want us to rule the pack together. You are my mate and my equal." I silently thank the goddess for sending this man to me.

Six Months Later

It's hard to believe that my father has been gone for a month. We had our ceremony shortly after we completed the marking and mating. Candy and my father decided to travel after they passed the titles to us. They were returning from a trip when they were attacked by rogues. My father was the target and Candy barely survived.

I sat by her bed and when she finally woke up, I feared she would die of a broken heart when she learned my father had perished. It took her two weeks before I could get her to leave their room. She seems to be doing better and she has been helping me with my Luna duties to keep herself busy. I'm glad to let her plan menus and parties.

It gives me more time to train. I don't have to do it in secret anymore. Donovan stayed true to his word and encourages me to train. I am a part of every meeting and decision that is made for the pack. I truly feel like he is the perfect mate.

I dress in my workout clothes and head out to the training field. I start to spar with Chris. He rushes me and I move to the side while I do a kick that takes his legs out from under him.

I stand over him and he smiles up at me. I reach down to grab his hand to help him up when I get a pain in my stomach that knocks the wind out of me. "Caroline, what's wrong?" "I'm not sure. I've never felt anything like this before." "Let's go, we can get you checked out" Chirs says, concern evident in his voice. "It's fine, just give me a minute." I have my hands on my knees sucking in lungs full of air. I start to run through what this could be in my mind when I think about when I had my last period.

I start to panic because I can't remember. "Clover, what's wrong with me?" "Listen to Chris and go to the hospital" she says before she puts a block up. What is she keeping from me? I manage to stand up straight. "Chris, don't say anything to Donovan. I'm going to get checked out and I'll tell him anything I find out." I can see he wants to argue but he just nods. I start to walk toward the pack hospital when the pain completely subsides. I'm tempted to just head to my room, but the thought that I might be pregnant is very real in my mind. I reach the hospital and one of the nurses rushes to me.

I'm sure Chris linked her that I was on my way. "Luna, please sit down and I'll take you to the back." I roll my eyes but do as she asks. They take some blood work and I wait for the pack doctor to come to update me.

The door opens and I expect to see Dr. Nelson step inside, but to my surprise, it's Donovan. I'm going to kick Chris. "Do you want to tell me why I had to hear from a nurse that my Luna is in the hospital?" I roll my eyes. What happened to patient confidentiality? "I'm fine Donovan. I was having some pain in my stomach and I thought I should just be checked out."

I see a pained expression on his face and I grab his hand. "Hey, I'm fine. It's probably just cramps." He smiles and bends down to press a soft peck to my lips. A throat clearing brings us out of our moment. Dr. Nelson steps in with a huge smile on his face.

"I have great news, Alpha and Luna, you are expecting." My hand goes to my belly. I'm going to have a pup. After the ultrasound, we learned that I'm only two weeks pregnant. I laugh when Donovan scoops me up and carries me back to the pack house.

"I can't believe we are going to have a pup", he says, and his smile is contagious. We reach the pack house and when we step inside Candy rushes over to us. "Are you alright, Caroline?" "Yes, I'm fine. Donovan is just being silly. I'm pregnant, not incapacitated." She places her hand over her mouth. "Oh, my goddess that's wonderful news."

Clover growls in my mind but I don't have much time to think about it when Donovan heads toward the stairs. I can feel her sadness and anger. "Clover, we're going to have a pup." "I know precious girl." "Are you alright, Clover?" "I will be. We can talk about it later, just be happy now."

"Caroline, there is nothing that pressing that I need to go to the office right now. I'll go to visit the kids with you", Donovan says, and I smile. It's been three days since the doctor told us about the pup. He has been very protective and possessive.

I love this man more than I could ever say in words. Honestly, becoming a mother wasn't even something I thought about, but now I can't wait. Donovan is going to be a great father.

Donovan POV

As soon as I leave our room, I head to my office. Once I'm inside, I lock the door and take a seat at my desk.

"Lazlo, are you going to talk to me today?" He growls in my head and I figure that he is still pissed.

"Pissed doesn't even begin to cover it human. You hurt our mate." "Lazlo, I made a mistake. I love Caroline and she is having our pup. I would never hurt her intentionally."

"So, you didn't know that nasty woman would hurt our precious mate? Don't even try to lie because I am part of you. You were thinking with your shaft." "I'm sorry Lazlo. I swear to you that I will never do it again. I love Caroline and I can't lose her. It was a mistake."

"You better not because next time I will tell Clover everything. You will lose everything. I will not stand by while you hurt our mate. I don't care if I have to suffer right along with you."

A knock on the door interrupts our conversation. I head over to open the door, expecting an omega with my breakfast. I open the door and it's my breakfast but it's not an omega. "Candy, what are you doing here?"

"Can't a mother-in-law bring her son-in-law breakfast?" I cringe at her words. What is wrong with this woman? "Set it on the table and leave." She smirks as she walks past me. She sets the tray down and heads back toward the door. Instead of walking out, she closes it and locks the door. "Candy, you need to leave now."

"Donovan, I know that you really don't want me to leave. You enjoyed what I did to you the other day. There is no reason it can't happen again." She takes a step toward me and I growl. She stops and crosses her arms over her chest. "That was a mistake. It will never happen again. You need to leave my office and never speak of it again."

She laughs "what can't I speak about? The fact that I sucked your body until you down my throat or how you bent me over the desk. How about how you sleep with me until you buried your seed deep inside me? I won't speak of it, Donovan, but it will happen again. Caroline will never know. I will do everything that she won't. You can have the best of both of us." "I will not hurt my mate or pup just to sleep with you. How could you want to hurt your daughter like this?"

"She is not my daughter. She was Cain's daughter and he is dead. I did more for her than most would. She is a grown woman and if she can't satisfy her mate that is not my problem."

Lazlo growls again and I walk to the door. I swing it open with more force than I mean to. I know what I did was wrong but at least I'm sorry, she isn't at all. "Get out, I meant what I said. You were a mistake that I won't be repeating. I love Caroline and I won't lose her for you." I see anger flash on Candy's face before she stomps out of my office. I lock the door and take a seat behind my desk.

"Good job human. There might be hope for you yet", Lazlo says, and I chuckle. I link Chris to join me in my office. Ten minutes later, there is a knock and I'm grateful to see Chris.

"Alpha", Chris says, and I roll my eyes. "I've told you to call me Donovan, Chris, when we aren't in a formal setting." I see something in his eyes and it takes me back.

"Permission to speak freely Alpha." I nod and sit back in my chair.

"I've heard things and I hope they are not true. I grew up with Caroline and she is my best friend. My loyalty will always be with her. So, if you betray her, I will not stay quiet." I can feel my heart squeeze in my chest. Anger rises in me that he dare threaten to expose me to Caroline. How would anyone even know it happened? I keep my face impassive.

"I would hope that you would not listen to rumors and just ask me if you have questions. As for my Luna, she means the world to me and I would never hurt her. You are the Beta of his pack and nothing more. You would do well to remember your place. I do not take kindly to threats."

He nods his head, but I can see doubt and anger in his eyes. We start our discussion about training. After an hour, he leaves my office and I start to review my financials. I really wish Caroline was here so I could wrap her in my arms and breathe in her scent.

"Donovan, I really think we need to go for a run", Lazlo says. "That's a good idea. By the time we get back, Caroline should be on her way back to the pack house." I head downstairs and out of the pack house. As soon as I strip, we shift and take off for the trees.

We run for an hour before we head back toward the pack house. I reach the trees and pull on basketball shorts. Once I'm inside, I head up to our room to shower. I stand under the spray and let the hot water soothe my muscles. Arms wrap around me and I immediately know it's not Caroline. I turn putting distance between us.

"What are you doing?" She drops to her knees and looks up at me with hooded eyes. "Pleasing my Alpha" she says and takes my shaft in her hand. She takes my shaft in her mouth and it feels so good. "Candy, you need to leave" I say but she keeps taking me down her throat. I can't help the moan that escapes me. I thread my fingers through her hair and begin to thrust deep into her throat.

I roar as I climax and she stands wiping her mouth after she swallows my seed. I reach out and grab her by the throat. I can feel Lazlo trying to break through the block I put up but I'm being driven by lust. All other thoughts are gone from my head. I pick her up and slam her against the wall before I thrust into her core.

Caroline POV

I sit and read with the kids. Angelica is sitting a good distance from us but I can tell she is listening. I smile to myself. I'm just about to leave when the pain from a few days ago resurfaces. It's stronger this time and it nearly takes me to my knees.

"Luna, are you alright?" I wave Jenny off and start to walk back to the pack house. I can't reach Donovan through our link.

"Caroline, go to our room now", Clover says. The pain is getting worse and I'm worried about our pup. That's when I notice blood running down my leg. I start to move faster. I need to get to the pack hospital.

"Just go to our room Caroline. We are losing the pup but you need to see why" Clover says. My heart breaks when she says we are losing the pup. How could the goddess be so cruel? I reach the stairs and push myself with every bit of strength I have. I push our door open and as soon as I'm inside, I can hear the moans of Donovan's betrayal. How could he do this to me? He cared nothing for me or our pup.

"Clover, did you know? Did you know he was cheating the last time I had this pain?" "I suspected, but you needed to see it for yourself. After he has been the perfect mate you would never have believed he betrayed us. Lazlo told me where he was and what he was doing when the pain started, because he doesn't agree with his humans' choices. He loves us both and would never betray us this way."

I don't even realize I'm moving toward the door. I reach for the handle and take a deep breath. I open the door slowly so they won't hear me. Everything inside of me breaks as blood pools around my feet.

I stare in disbelief as the man I love thrusts into a woman that I considered my mother. Her screams fill the room along with Donovan's grunts. Everything emotion I felt for these two people who were supposed to love and protect me is gone, replaced by hatred. I see Donovan stiffen as his brain must register my scent.

He throws open the shower door and our eyes meet. "Caroline" he says, and I turn without another word. There is nothing left to say. The pain is gone but the emptiness is all to present. I've lost my pup, my mate, and my mother in a matter of minutes.

I walk down the hallway toward the stairs when I'm grabbed by the arms and spun around. I come face to face with the eyes of a man that promised to love me.

"Caroline, you're bleeding. Please let's get you to the hospital and check on our pup." I can help the evil laugh that escapes me. Donovan takes a step back and I notice Candy standing behind him.

"There is no our pup. You and that wanton killed our pup. I hope that was worth everything."

Pack members are starting to gather at the base of the stairs but I don't care. I'm consumed by their betrayal and my pain. Not only the pain of him intercourse her but the pain of losing my pup. I have no intention of dealing with this quietly.

"Caroline, please" he says, and takes a step toward me. "Please what, Donovan. Please forget what I just saw in our room. Please forget that you killed our pup and the next heir to our pack. Please be your dutiful Luna and let you keep sleep with my stepmother. What exactly are you asking me to do?"

His eyes get big and gasps are heard around us. A growl comes from behind me but I don't look back to see who it is. Chris comes to stand next to me. Donovan's eyes turn black as he looks at Chris. I know that Lazlo is at the surface. My heart breaks for him but nothing will change what Donovan has done to us.

"Get away from my mate. This is between the two of us, Beta", Donovan says with all the venom he can muster. "I warned you Donovan" he starts to say, but Donovan's growl quiets him. "I am the Alpha of this pack. You would do well to remember that, Chris. She is my mate."

Before Chris can say another word, I growl shaking the walls. I appreciate what he is trying to do, but I don't need or want his help right now. "Chris, leave, this is between us", I say pointing between myself and Donovan. I'm grateful when he heads back down the stairs without protesting. I look back at Donovan and he has a smirk on his face like he won.

"Caroline, let's go talk in our room. I'm sorry, I love you. I made a mistake, but it doesn't change that we are mates. We can get past this." I laugh like he just told the funniest joke I've ever heard.

"It changes everything. I can never forgive you or her for what you have done. You are nothing to me now. You two deserve each other" I say before I turn making my way down the stairs. The pack members that have gathered drop their heads as I pass them. No one dares to say a word to me as I make my way outside of the pack house. My bleeding seems to have stopped but I can't focus on my loss right now. Nothing is going to bring my pup back but I will make the people that caused his death suffer. I need to deal with the treachery in front of me. Chris is standing by the door when Donovan comes out, followed by Candy. The entire pack seems to have gathered to watch my life implode.

Donovan comes to stand in front of me with pleading eyes. I feel nothing for this man as he falls to his knees begging my forgiveness and reaches for me. "Caroline" Candy says my name like a whisper.

"Don't you dare say my name. You are nothing to me. In fact, Chris take her into custody. She can see exactly what happens when you betray me." I see a flash of fear in her eyes as she backs away from me. Clover pushes to the surface as we watch Chris grip her arms and drag her toward the door that leads to the pack house. "You should be afraid" Clover says and I smile. "Caroline, we can banish her. This was all her doing. I told her no and she wouldn't leave me alone", Donovan says.

"You are pathetic. At least be a man and own your responsibility in this. No one forced you to intercourse her. You did that all on your own. You knew that you were hurting me and our pup but that didn't matter. All you cared about was getting your shaft wet." I can see my words hit the mark.

"We don't need him or her. We are better off without them. They have earned every bit of punishment that we can give", Clover says. I know how hard this is for her because of the bond. Wolves want their mates, but Clover is stronger than the bond she has with Lazlo. He is innocent in this but he will suffer for what I'm about to do.

"I, Caroline Irene Caster, reject and break my bond with you, Donavon Leaf James." As soon as the words leave my mouth, I feel pain in my chest that is more manageable than the pain of his betrayal. I steady myself and breathe through it. Donavon falls to the ground clutching his chest. "Accept the rejection. We are done."

"Never, we can fix this" he screams. I laugh again "there is no fixing this. My rejection is final. I, Caroline Irene Caster, challenge you Alpha Donavon Leaf James for the Alpha title of the Fire Ring Pack." Gasps are heard all around us. "I won't fight my own mate. I won't hurt you", Donavon says as he finally gets to his feet. "It is far too late for that Donavon."

"This is not a request. You will both get everything you deserve today. Chris, bring me Candy now." Chris drags her to me and Donavon watches but stays quiet. I turn to her with an evil smile on my face. I'm consumed by hate and rage. "Candy Caster, for your crimes against the Alpha and Luna's bond, you have been sentenced to death. Your punishment will be immediate." I reach out, pulling her from Chris's arms.

I wrap my arms around her neck as she struggles against me. I keep my eyes locked with Donavon when a loud crack resonates through the pack yard. I drop her body to the ground.

"Her body is to be thrown outside the pack territory for the animals to feed on. She does not deserve a proper burial." Two warriors appear and take the body away. "The fight for the Alpha title will be to the death" I say with finality. "Caroline, this is not you. You just snapped a woman's neck without a second thought. A woman that helped raise you."

"You're right, Donavon, this isn't the woman that loved you blindly and believed in our bond. I am not the woman that thought the people around me could be trusted. That woman is dead. You and Candy killed her with your deceit. I am the woman that is left in her place. I am the woman that is about to kill you for betraying our bond and killing our pup for your lust."

I step back and move into a fighting stance. Donavon watches me but he doesn't move. I start to stalk toward him but he stays rooted to his spot. I land a punch to his face. I hear his nose crunch and his head goes back. I'm sure it is broken. Blood begins to pour from his nose.

I start to circle him and he doesn't move again. I would prefer that he fight back, but honestly, I don't care if he does. Every bit of love I had for this man is gone. I kick him in the back of the knee and he falls forward. I kick him in the face and he falls onto his back. He scrambles to his feet.

"Do you feel better now that you beat out of me? I'm not fighting you. I love you" he says.

"You don't know what love is. I wish I never met you. I believed in the goddess's choice and she was wrong. You are a worthless man that was never worthy of being my mate or the Alpha of this pack. Mates are nothing but a joke."

I see anger flash in his eyes for the first time and I smile. He rushes toward me.

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