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The Alpha Is My Mate Novel Read Online

The Alpha Is My Mate Novel Read Online - I don't know anything about you other than you're a womanizer and I cannot feel the mate bond so you could be making all this. He stops my rant by picking me up from my seat as I squeal and puts me on his lap. Sparks go through my body when he places his hand on my face he turns my face to look at him, he clenches his jaw and stares right at me.

The Alpha Is My Mate Novel Read Online

Watch how you speak to me. I don't tolerate disrespect. I try to get up but he pulls me down against him. Don't test my patience baby I don't have much of it. he says. I am not in desperate need of a woman that I would make this up. You are my mate. he growls.

Hope POV

I was standing talking to mom and Luna Maria when all of a sudden Zayn had me in a possessive hold against his rock hard chest. When did he get back and why is he holding me like his life depends on it? I pushed at his chest to get out of his dominating grip but he is too strong. He keeps saying MINE over and over again.

Oh my god, am I his mate? But...but he's a womanizer and why can't I feel the mate bond? this kind of scares me and his aggressive hold on me isn't helping either. I call out for my parents but they seem helpless in front of Zayn. Then I call for Jason but Luna doesn't let him touch me. Luna Maria tells Zayn to let me go and when he does I jump into my moms arms. I don't know why he scared me. Maybe because I was caught off guard?

My dad and the Alpha take Zayn inside. While he was walking away he looked back at me with a pained expression on his face or was that a pissed off expression...Matt smiles at me, "you're in for the ride of your life" he says. Kyle gestures for him to follow and they both go inside.

"I'm sorry he scared you Hope. Alpha's are very possessive of their mate and sometimes it's hard for them to control their emotions especially during their first encounter." Luna says apologetically.

My mom looks shocked still. She hasn't said anything.

Finally, Emily shows up. She's running towards us " Oh my god, you're my brother's mate!" she sing songs loudly. I guess she's happy.

"If I'm his mate why can't I feel the mate bond?"  I ask.

"You have to be 18 to feel the mate bond", mom says.

"it's ok"  Luna says, "I just hope he didn't scare you too much. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine"  I whisper.

"Oh don't worry dear, you will feel his mate bond when you turn 18 in a few months."

I can tell that Luna and my mom are very happy about my mate. Mom looks shocked but happy and Luna doesn't look shocked at all she's smiling from ear to ear. Luna orders some sandwiches and  snacks for us from the kitchen before she goes inside to see Zayn. I haven't  had anything to eat yet so I eat 2 sandwiches and finally start to relax again.

I need to go home and gather my thoughts. This is all so crazy. I barely know Zayn!

"Mom, I think I'm going to head home.... I  " You're not going anywhere" I hear Zayn's deep voice from behind me.

"You can't tell me what to do!", I spit back looking up at him. God he is so gorgeous.... but that's not important right now...

"I can't! you're staying here so we can talk.", he growls at me. Then he shocks me and says, "please stay"

Zayn POV

It hurt to leave her and come inside with dad and Beta Brian. I was livid and it took everything in me not to throw her over my shoulder and take her up to my bedroom. But I don't want to scare her anymore than I already have. Her dad is silent and looks like he is concerned. Hope is his only child I can't blame him. But I hope he doesn't try and convince me to stay away from her.

"Brian  I can't tell you how happy I am that your daughter and my son are mates." my dad starts. "Hope is an amazing young lady."  he continues.

Beta Brian smiles but he still has that look on his face. "Zayn, you are everything I want for my daughter. I'm sure you will treat her the way she deserves. But she's not even 18 yet. and you're almost 28."

I feel my blood start to boil, I try to cut him off but he lifts up his hand letting me know he's not done yet.

"Despite your age difference, the Moon Goddess did choose her for you."

Just then mom walks in, she gives me a big hug

"What time did you get back?"  she asks. I was so preoccupied with my baby that I forgot to say hello to mom. I hug her back and buss her on the head.

"I got in late last night but I didn't want to wake you."

She looks so happy to see me as always, or is it that I finally found my mate. I know my parents like Hope a lot. My train of thought keep going back to her! She is not little anymore. She's the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on ...and she is all mine.

"Zayn, I have a dinner party planned for this evening I want everyone in a good mood by then"  mom says and I nod shoving my hands into my pockets.

She puts her hand on my shoulder "She's going to need some time to get to know you. Be patient son." mom says.

Patient....... right. I was never given the gift of patience. I walk out of dad's office towards the backyard again. I see Hope with her mom and Emily. I hear her saying she wants to leave, poor girl she doesn't know what she's in for.....

"You're not going anywhere"  I say. locking my eyes on her. She blushes under my stare giving me a sense of satisfaction

"you can't tell me what to do!"

"I can't ! you're staying here so we can talk."

Then I shock myself by saying, "please stay"  what this girl is doing to me.

I never beg. "Hope put your clothes on, you're coming with me so we go somewhere private to talk." or... keep your clothes off, Hunter says in my head.

Her mom gives her a quick buss on the forehead and leaves us alone taking Emily by the hand with her. Hope stands up in her bikini and starts to put on her shorts then T. shirt, watching her get dressed screws my head and it takes all my self control not to act like a caveman.

Hope POV

If he thinks I'm going anywhere with him he is crazy! Did I mention how hot he is? He is about 6"6 with dark hair and dark eyes, a sharp jawline covered with a light stubble and oh my god his mouth. He's wearing dark dress pants and a shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. I keep watching his bulging powerful muscles. He sees me gawking at him and he smirks. This guy has a reputation with women, he must be used to them falling at his feet all the time. I feel like a drooling idot right now.

"I'm not going anywhere with you."  I say trying to gain some composure.

"Oh and why is that?"  he asks with a seductive grin on his lips.

"I don't know anything about you other than you're a womanizer and I CANNOT feel the mate bond so you could be making all this ...." He stops my rant by picking me up from my seat as I squeal and puts me on his lap.

Sparks go through my body when he places his hand on my face  he turns my face to look at him, he clenches his jaw and stares right at me

"Watch how you speak to me. I don't tolerate disrespect."  I try to get up but he pulls me down against him "Don't test my patience baby I don't have much of it."  he says. "I am not in desperate need of a woman that I would make this up. You ARE my mate."  he growls. His voice is doing things to me that I cannot describe or explain.

"Since you have so many women you don't need me then.", I say with conviction.  He stares at me for a minute ...

" You're different, you were chosen by the Moon Goddess for ME. You were made for ME." I can feel how possessive he is and it sends chills down my spine. I can't feel the mate pull and I really don't know him at all but I do feel comfortable being close to him.

"We don't know much about each other, but I would like to change that. He pauses for a few seconds, still looking into my soul with those beautiful eyes.

"Will you give us a chance?" He asks with pleading eyes.... and I answer with a hesitant nod.


Next day at Kelly's party

We have been at the party for about an hour now and we are all having so much fun we're all drinking, dancing and playing all sorts of games. Then Emily comes rushing over with her phone in hand.

"Hope, where's your phone?" before I answer her, I register what's going on and start walking outside to the car. I left the pack house without letting my parents know where I was going and then I got distracted and forgot to call them.

I check my cell phone and find ten missed calls from both mom and dad and a dozen text messages from an unknown number. I call mom right away and she picks up on the first ring.

"Hope, where are you?"  She sounds frantic.

"Mom don't worry ...." I'm cut off when I hear Zayn's voice on the line.

"Where are you?"  he asks in a low chilling voice.

"I'm at a friends house with Emily and ...."

"You have half an hour to be back or I'm coming to find you."  I hang up the phone, this can't be happening. I call dad.

"Princess where are you? and why did you leave without telling anyone?" He asks as soon as he answers

"I'm sorry it happened so fast. I'm on my way home now."

"okay, I'll see you soon then"  he replies and I hang up.

Emily comes over "Mom called again she said we need to get home asap."

we get everybody and head back to the pack. This time Emily and I are riding with Jason and Derek. As soon as we enter our pack borders I see security all over our territory. Someone must have been really worried.

They pull us over immediately and one guy walks over to us  "The Alpha wants to see you all in his office now."  he says. Oh goddess. We continue all the way up to the pack house and Jason parks the car in front of the mansion for a minute I feel like I can't breathe. As we walk inside we are greeted by Mom and Luna both standing with their hands folded.

"Why didn't you let us know you were leaving? we have been worried sick!"  mom says.

"I'm sorry" I say and she hugs me.

"The important thing is that you're back now"  Luna says.

"Where's dad"  I ask.

"He went home, do you want me to wait for you?"  mom asks looking towards the Alpha's office.

"No it's okay, go ahead I'll be there in a bit."  She smiles at me and walks out the door.

Everybody else has already entered Zayn's office.

I walk in  " well well well look who it is"  Zayn says in a low voice with a menacing look on his face. I walk over and stand next to the rest. He is sitting behind his desk and we are all standing waiting for him to say something. I take the initiative to speak since they are all quiet.

"I'm sorry we worried you but we're back now"  I pause  he has his head down now

"And it's not the first time we go out at night to a friends house outside our territory." He stands up slowly and takes off his suit jacket. The first three buttons on his shirt are undone and he rolls the sleeves up a few times then sits down again.

He looks at me  "Are you done?"

I stay quiet for a few seconds then say "Y..yes, so can we go? we have school tomorrow."

He gets up, comes around his table and stands in front of us with his hands jammed in his pockets. "If this ever happens again, you will regret it."  He says looking at the guys.

"Alpha I'm sorry we should have told someone we were leaving"  Jason says

"YOU HAVE NO ROOM TO TALK, GET OUT"  Zayn grits through his teeth and if looks could kill, Jason would be ten feet under. Jason leaves quickly and the rest of us remain quiet.

"All of you get out..except for you"  he says pointing to me, I swallow hard. They all leave and I'm left alone with him. He takes slow calculated steps towards me with his head down and hands still in pockets. He circles around me once then stops right behind me. I gulp and put my head down. He doesn't have to say a word, the power and aura coming off him speak volumes and I can feel his breath on my neck. "What did I say about respect?"  He asks

"I...I  ......" he doesn't wait to hear what I have to say

"You left with your friends without even thinking for a second about me..." He pauses for a few seconds like he's having an internal battle with his wolf.

"Zayn I didn't think going ........"  he cuts me off again

"Leave"  He growls at me and I'm in shock. I want to explain myself but I can't, he told me to leave. I wait a few seconds but I feel like crying all of a sudden so I turn around and leave.

All I can think about is he is going to reject me. Maybe it's for the best?? Then why do I feel so heart broken all of a sudden. ..


I'm  rushing home feeling like I was going to have a break down. "How could he humiliate me like that?" He's going to reject me and this will all be over. Maybe it's for the best? but I should at least get a chance to explain myself.

I'm not leaving! He can't tell me what to do! So I turn around and head back to the pack house determined to get him to listen to me. I'm going to tell him that things were moving too fast and I haven't had time to process everything.

I walk inside the pack house again and straight to Zayn's office. I hope he's still in here. Without knocking I open the door and step in. I almost fall over from what I see. I can literally feel the color drain from my face and I gasp in shock. Crystal is sitting on his desk and he is leaning propped up on his arms, bussing her as she has her legs around his waist.

He looks up and his eyes meet mine. He pushes her legs off him and starts to walk towards me in a rush, but I run away.

I hate him!!

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