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Kidnapped and Rejected Novel Read Online

Kidnapped and Rejected Novel Read Online - Daran! It's me Janet! I'm kidnapped by a group of rogues, and they want a 100 million. She blurted out sobbing. Is Harper safe now? Daran asked aloofly, Janet's heart her husband too! You shouldn't take Harper out on such a dangerous trip. Daran said coldly on the phone, You are reckless and irresponsible. I don't think you are fit to be my Luna anymore.

Kidnapped and Rejected Novel Read Online

W-What did you say? Janet's body trembled in disbelief, I only married you because you are my mate, Daran said nonchalantly. Now, it's time to end this relationship. Then Janet heard his voice saying: As the Alpha of Riverside Pack, I, Daran Albright, hereby REJECT Janet Diaz as my mate! "Ahhh-” Janet let out a sharp cry as a strong pain coursed through her body mercilessly! Her wolf howled with her in despair. It was the snapping of her mate bond with Daran.

Janet lay on the ground, her hands tied to her backs, her mouth clogged. Her sister Harper was right next to her, sobbing lowly in fear.

Earlier today, they encountered a group of rogues in the forest on their picnic trip.

These rogues kidnapped them and were now calling their parents for ransom.

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, I have your two daughters here."

A rogue smirked dangerously while looking down at Janet and Harper.

"If you want them back safe and sound, I'll need

200 million!"

Janet held her breath in excitement.

She heard her mother Hellen's anxious voice from the speaker:

"-Oh my god! Harper where are you! Are you OK?!”

The rogue put the phone next to Harper, who immediately let out a muffled cry.

Their father Paul's shrill voice popped up on the phone:

"My sweet darling Harper! Please don't hurt Harper!"

Janet widened her eyes as tears streamed down her cheek.

Her parents didn't even mention a single word about her.

All they cared about was Harper.

"But we don't have 200 million..." she heard her father said, "How about I give you 100 million and you just give my Harper back?"

Even the rogue sounded surprised now:

"What are you talking about? You just want one daughter back?"

"Yes we just need Harper!" Their youngest brother Owen cried. "We won't pay a penny for that loser Janet."

"Yes. From now on, we'll have only one sister. And that is Harper," their middle brother John added to that.

Janet closed her eyes in despair.

Her body and heart were turning cold.

Everyone loved Harper more than her.

In fact, since her childhood, Janet had been trying super hard to please everyone in her family.

She cooked for the entire household, she did Owen's homework, she let John used her like a punching bag and she polished Paul's shoes every day.

Janet lived like a servant.

But all those hard works were still not enough to make them like her.

The Diaz was common citizens, but they were filthy rich.

They spent hundreds of millions on jewelries every year.

But they were unwilling to spare a 100 million on her.

The rogue got off the phone and gestured his accomplices to escort Harper out.

Harper's eyes were filled with tears of joy. She didn't even spare a single glance on Janet before she left.


The rogue crouched down by Janet and removed the clog in her mouth.

"-You are useless now," he crackled an evil laugh.

"Any last words?"

Janet gulped down and stared at the sharp blade in his hands.

"C-Call my husband!" she said urgently. "He is Daran Albright, Riverside Pack's Alpha. He'll be more than willing to pay my ransom!"

The rogue raised an eyebrow and did what she said, calling Daran.

Janet stared at the phone nervously.

Her heart almost jumped out of her throat when the call was connected, and then she heard Daran's familiar voice:


"Daran! It's me Janet!" She blurted out sobbing.

"I'm kidnapped by a group of rogues, and they want a 100 million-"

"I heard what happened."

Daran's voice was so cold that it almost sounded indifferent. As thought it was a stranger not his own wife who were kidnapped.

Daran asked aloofly, "Is Harper safe now?"

Janet's heart sank. her husband too!

"You shouldn't take Harper out on such a dangerous trip." Daran said coldly on the phone, "You are reckless and irresponsible. I don't think you are fit to be my Luna anymore."

Janet's body trembled in disbelief,"…W-What did you say?"

It was Harper's idea to go on this picnic trip! Harper even insisted to go over the border line!

And Janet had been nothing but dedicated to her Luna duties and she even took over all the maid's works despite her husband Daran's cold attitude.

And that's what she got from him?

Reckless and Irresponsible?!

"I only married you because you are my mate, Daran said nonchalantly. "Now, it's time to end this relationship."

Then Janet heard his voice saying:

"-As the Alpha of Riverside Pack, I, Daran Albright, hereby REJECT Janet Diaz as my mate!"


Janet let out a sharp cry as a strong pain coursed through her body mercilessly! Her wolf howled with her in despair.

It was the snapping of her mate bond with Daran.

It felt like setting fire on her body while stabbing a hundred blades into her flesh!

Janet collapsed on the ground, her body twitching in ache.

She tried to crawl to somewhere safe. But the rogue grabbed her by the ankle and stabbed down on her legs!

Janet screamed out in pain.

The rogue continued stabbing until she lost all abilities to move.

Janet lied on the ground with her blood pooling beneath her.

Her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling, gradually losing focus.


She was first abandoned by her own family.

And then rejected by her mate.

She was discarded like a trash by everyone she once loved so dearly.

In a daze, Janet vaguely heard those rogues talking around her:

"She passed out. Let's cut her throat right now..."

"God! Somebody's coming! It was Blood Moon Pack's patrol team! Let's go!!"

Hurried footsteps were traveling away. And Janet was left alone on the icy floor.

She felt so cold.

She had lost too much blood.

She was dying now.

Just before the darkness completely closed upon her, Janet heard a new round of noises around her:

". we let those rogues escape again..."

"...There's a wounded she-wolf! We need help here!"

Somebody carried her off the ground. After a long way of ups and downs, Janet smelt disinfectant.

She was brought into a hospital.

Janet struggled to lift her eyelids. Against the strong light above her head, she vaguely saw a large group of people gathered around her.

They were all muttering excitedly:

"..Oh my god! Look at her birthmark! And her scent! This is BloodMoon Pack's Alpha's long-lost sister!"

"The sister who was given to the wrong family in the delivery room?"

"Someone call Alpha Casper right now!"

"His beloved sister is back!"

Six months later.

A long line of fancy cars was standing outside of a grand hotel in BloodMoon Pack. People dressed in gowns and tuxes got off their cars and were welcomed into the hotel lobby by ushers.

It was the annual pack meeting.

Alphas from all over the world were gathered BloodMoon Pack.

On the top level of this hotel, Janet was standing by the floor-to-ceiling window gazing out.

She had fully recovered from her injuries half a year ago and was now looking stunning. Today she was dressed in a silver strapless dress revealing her defined check bones with a gorgeous diamond necklace on her neck.

Her beautiful face was no longer looking sallow due to the lack of nutrition and hard labor.

Now her cheeks were rosy, and her eyes were bright.

She seemed radiant in a very noble way.

The door to the suite opened up behind her.

Janet turned around and found it was her brother, Casper Manning, the Alpha of BloodMoon Pack.

"How's my little princess doing today?"

Casper walked over with a gentle smile and took Janet in his arms, planting a soft touch on her forehead.

Janet smiled and hugged him back, "I'm doing great."

"I really don't bother you with this stupid meeting,"

Casper frowned disapprovingly. "The doctor said you still needed to rest. You were wounded too severely."

"But I'm fine."

Janet patted Casper's arm to ease him up, "I have a strong wolf and my Alpha bloodline shortened my recovery process. Nevertheless, I'm an Alpha's sister."

A proud smile appeared on Casper's face, "Yes indeed. You are my tough little sister."

6 months ago, Janet was rescued by BloodMoon Pack's patrol team.

When she was brought into the hospital, the doctor found a moon shaped birthmark on her lower back, which was possessed by the long-lost sister of BloodMoon Pack's Alpha.

After a DNA test, it was confirmed that she was actually Janet Manning, instead of Janet Diaz.

A nurse gave her to the wrong family in the delivery room. The Manning family had been looking for her like crazy since.

If it hadn't been for that accident, Janet still wouldn't have been able to return to her real family.

The Manning were thrilled to have her back. The entire BloodMoon Pack, from the Alpha Casper to all common citizens, adored her like a princess.

Janet now lived a very comfortable life with lots of love.

Her misery past in Riverside Pack was long behind her already.

"But are you sure you want to attend the opening gala tonight?" Casper asked her, "That scumbag Daran will be here."

Janet seemed very calm, "Yes why not? I'm attending the meeting on behalf of our pack. I'm not letting a stranger get in the way of business."

The furrow between Casper's brows deepened. He still seemed vexed.

"that jerk Daran!" Casper clenched his fists furiously. "How dare he let you die in those rogues' hands and rejected you?! He was lucky to have you as his mate in the first place! I just want to rip his throat open when I see him later-"

"Don't dirty your hands with it. It's not worth it,"

Janet smiled. "And what happened in the past is in the part already. If Daran dares to cross me again, I'll make him pay myself."

She was no longer that weak and pathetic little girl living under somebody else's roof.

She was now Alpha Casper's dear sister.

She had an entire BloodMoon Pack behind her back as her support.

"OK. Just remember I'll always be on your side, no matter what." Casper pulled her into his arms fondly.

"Yes I know." Janet hugged him back.

"Let's go. The opening gala is about to begin."

Casper took Janet's hand in his arm, and they left the suite together.

Daran got of his car and raised his head to look at this grand hotel in front of him.

The spectacular view of this hotel alone exuded power and wealth.

As the largest and most powerful pack, BloodMoon Pack was no doubt the reigning giant in the world.

Riverside Pack was developing very fast, but it still couldn't compare to BloodMoon Pack.

Daran really looked forward to meeting BloodMoon Pack's young Alpha.

"Alpha Daran, wait for me."

Harper just got off the car behind Daran. Her pretty face seemed a little pale after a long and exhausted trip.

Casting a glance at the grand hotel, Harper turned to Daran with a gentle smile, "This is really a beautiful hotel. Do you think we can ask BloodMoon Pack's Alpha about it and get married here?"

"We have a grand hotel in our own pack too," Daran said nonchalantly. "It is just as nice."

Harper's lips stretched into a larger smile as she gasped in joy, "So you've agreed to marry me soon?"

"I said no such things." Daran frowned impatiently.

"This is a pack's meeting. We're here for business.

If you insisted on talking about these irrelevant stuffs, maybe you should return home now."

The smile froze on Harper's face.

6 months ago, she finally removed her stupid sister from her Luna position.

Harper thought Daran would marry her soon after that.

But it had been half a year already and Daran still hadn't said yes to her.

And Harper knew that Daran had been secretly searching for Janet's whereabouts. He still wanted to know if Janet was alive.

Thinking about that, Harper gritted her teeth furiously.

Daran had already rejected Janet! He didn't have any feelings for her sister. So why hadn't he agreed to her proposal yet?

And her sister Janet...Why couldn't Janet leave them alone even after she was died?!

She hoped Janet to rot in jail!

Taking in a deep breath to calm herself down, Harper quickly caught up with Daran and cried:

"Wait Alpha...Let me walk with you!"

She forcefully put his hand in his arm and entered the lobby with him.

An usher stepped up to welcome them with a professional smile, "Welcome to BloodMoon Pack.

May I see your invitation?"

Daran pulled the invitation out and handed it to the usher.

Just then, the corner of his eyes caught a flash of familiar figure around the corner...

Daran froze on his stop.

Was it couldn't..but could it?

Daran suddenly abandoned the usher and Harper and rushed towards that familiar figure!

"Alpha! Where are you going!" Harper screamed.

"No wait Sir!" the usher cried, "You can't go in there!"

But Daran couldn't care for that much.

He rushed around the corner.

A slim figure was standing by a double door and was about to go in.


Daran blurted out, clenching his fists.

And the usher and Harper just arrived behind Daran too.

The slim figure paused by the door.

A few seconds later, she turned around slowly.

Janet's eyes traveled across those shock faces until it finally settled on Daran.

"...Long time no see," she said with a faint smile.

Daran stared at Janet in shock.

For all those time that he searched for her yet in vain, the last thing Daran would expect was to see Janet here in BloodMoon Pack, perfectly safe.

Did she know he was looking for her?

Why didn't she let him know that she was OK?

Harper also couldn't believe her own eyes.

...Janet was alive?

How was this even possible!

Those rogues should have ended her 6 months ago. Her flesh and bones should have rotten underground already.

What on jail was she doing here?!

And she seemed so stunning and noble right now!

Harper's eyes flashed with hate and jealousy.

"Why didn't you let me know you are OK?" Daran suddenly strode forward, his sharp gaze fixed upon Janet. "Where have you been hiding all these times?"

Janet looked back at him coldly, "Why do you still care? You already knew what those rogues would do to me when you refused to save me. Why bother asking now?"

"Refused to save you?"

Daran frowned as though he didn't understand what Janet was talking about.

"What are you talking about?" he asked sullenly. "I paid the ransom for b-"

A hint of panic flickered across Harper's eyes.

She quickly stepped between Janet and Daran with a fake smile on her face, "My beloved sister. It's so nice to see you still alive. Our parents and brothers have been worried about you to sick."

The corner of Janet's lips lifted into a sarcastic smile.

Worried to sick?

She didn't think so.

Based on the way they spoke to those rogues, Janet believed that her parents couldn't be happier to get rid of her!

Seeing that Janet has no response to her words, Harper took Janet's hands in her palms and continued:

"Let me arrange a car to take you home tonight!

This is a pack's meeting for all the Alphas. I don't think you are qualified to be here-"

"I'm not qualified?"

Janet let out a light sneer.

She pulled her hands out of Harper's palm and turned to the usher.

"Did you check her invitation?" Janet asked the usher.

The usher bowed and replied humbly, "I checked Alpha Daran's invitation. This lady's name is not on the invitation."

"Then she shouldn't be removed from this hotel."

Janet raised a hand beckoning two guards over.

"Escort her out."


Harper widened her eyes in shock as guards came at her.

She couldn't believe this-how could Janet give orders to BloodMoon Pack's guards?


Daran spoke up and stared at those guards sullenly, "Harper is with me. She has every right to be here."

Janet let out a small chuckle, "I don't think the pack meeting allows you to bring a plus-one. Unless the rule has changed?"

The usher replied firmly, "Of course not Miss Janet.

The rule clearly states that all irrelevant people should be escorted out."

He turned to those guards and ordered, "Take her out!"

Those guards didn't hesitate at all before they lunged at Harper.

Harper let out a sharp cry and stepped back but were still seized by guards.

Daran snapped his head around and stared at Janet.

Janet had changed so much.

She was now confident and stunning in a very fierce way.

...What happened in the past 6 months?

"If I can't be here-"

Harper suddenly cried out. She tried to break free from guards but failed.

"-then what are you still doing here? You are not on any invitation either."

Janet was about to explain when she heard a deep voice behind her:

"Of course, she does."

Everybody turned around.

A handsome man just made his way down the staircase. He narrowed his eyes into slits and stared at Daran gloomily.

It was Alpha Casper!

Casper kept his hands in his pocket as he approached.

"This year's annual meeting is held by BloodMoon pack. All invitations were sent out by us," Casper said casually and put his hand on Janet's waist.

"Now I'm telling you, Janet IS on the list."

Harper's face turned pale at once.

Daran glared at Casper's hand on Janet's waist as a nasty feeling rose in him.

How did Janet become acquainted with a great Alpha like Casper?!

Is this why she ignored return his call for the last 6months?

"Alpha Daran," Casper stared at Daran, "Don't you agree with me?"

Daran pushed down the strong feeling in his chest and said coolly, "Fair enough."

"Alpha!" Harper cried in disbelief.

"I already said this to you before we left home."

Daran's attitude remained cold, "that this is a meeting for Alphas and officers. You are neither an officer nor my Luna. I think you better head home today."

Janet raised an eyebrow.

She was surprised to see Daran on her side instead of Harper's.

Harper suddenly let out a trembling cry.

Janet suddenly said.

She kept her gaze on Harper's pitiful face and revealed a sarcastic smile, "If you must stay, just stay. It's a big day for Casper. I don't want to ruin it with someone's annoying wailing."

Janet turned on her heels and entered the double door.

Casper followed right behind her.

Before the door closed, he added to guards casually, "This is the VIP lounge for BloodMoon Pack's Alpha and his date only. Get our guests somewhere else."

Daran stood on his stop.

He kept staring at Janet's back until she disappeared behind the door.

She seemed very intimate with Casper.

What on earth was their relationship?

Did she go and find another man as soon as their mate-bond was broken?!


Harper grabbed Daran's sleeves and gently shook his arms, "Let's go. That Janet is very rude. How can she treat her sister and former mate like this?"

Daran rubbed the center of his brows.

"Alpha? What are you thinking?"

"I'm just curious..." Daran looked up with a dark look in his eyes. "I paid both of your ransoms at that time. Why did she still accuse me of refusing to save her?"

Harper was frozen on her spot.

There was a very panic look on her face.

She was worried that her alpha had known the truth.

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