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Expelled and Alone Novel Read Online

Expelled and Alone Novel Read Online - One day a She-wolf will come forth. Beside her true mate, she will hold tremendous power. She will be the one known as Luna Dynamis unable to be commanded. The only White Wolf to hold command over all Wolves. Her fur will be white as snow. Upon her, fur will hold the mark of the Moon goddess blessing. The crescent moon. 

Expelled and Alone Novel Read Online

Jasmine Pov

That's what my life has become ever since that day. The day that changed my life forever. My family and I were members of the Red Valley Pack, here in Cincinnati, Ohio. We were the strongest pack in the whole state. No one dared to mess with us, as we feared among many. Our warriors were brutal when they fought. Our alpha is strong, fearless. My dad was the alpha's second in command. His beta.

Yes, I'm a beta's daughter. My dad's name is Daniel White. I grew up with a wonderful childhood. I have had many friends here at the pack, since I was Beta's daughter. I was loved by everyone. My family and I lived on the second floor of the packhouse. The Alpha and his family stayed on the top. The omegas lived on the bottom floor. When I was born, many said I looked just like my mother with my tan skin, thick brown hair, and hazel eyes. It's true. My mother, Jessica, also sports the same brown hair, though hers is a shade lighter. My hair is so brown it almost looks black. We have the same eyes as well as the same dimples. I have a crescent moon birthmark on my lower stomach. Mom says to keep it always hidden. She says it is a gift, though I don't know what for, but I do as she says. My brother, on the other hand, is a replica of my father. They both have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and are 6ft tall. I was also blessed with my mother's curves.

Tia, Tamera, and Sabrina were my closest friends. Tia and Tamera are twins and are the same age as me. They both have blonde hair and green eyes. Sabrina is an only child who always referred to me as being her sister. She is one year older than I am. She has black hair and blue eyes. They are all omegas. Ever since I was born, everyone adored me and wanted to keep me around. They probably thought it would give them some advantages, but I adored the attention anyway. I was the apple of my family's eye. My brother Darnell is 2 years older than me and was very protective of me. He never let any male around me he didn't trust other than his best friend, our alpha son Oliver Shemus. Oliver was the same age as my brother but older by a few months. He has black hair and beautiful blue eyes. Oliver was like anyone I had ever met. He always teased me and made fun of me, but he was protective of me as well.

Whenever a male pup tried to talk to me, he would growl at them and make them go away. I never understood him. Every time he was around me, I would feel like my heart was beating fast, and I never understood that either. He nicknamed me Jelly Jasmine when I was 10 due to my chubbiness. It was common knowledge that all-female pups are a bit chubby until they hit 18, which is the day they shift for the first time. Children were known to meet their wolf spirits at the age of 13. It gave them 5 years to bond with their wolf before they turned 18. Wolf spirits are another conscious inside your head. Darnell would always scold Oliver for picking at me and calling me names, but there wasn't much he could do. Oliver was the “Alpha’s son”, and no one could tell him what to do, which meant he got away with everything.

On my 13th birthday, everyone from the pack hosted a party for me to come into my wolf spirit. I was dressed pretty in a purple skirt and a white shirt, with my favorite black flip-flops. Mom curled my hair pretty. A way to know someone has come into their spirit is if their eyes glow. This is something that would only happen once to a wolf, and only on their 13th birthday, just to signify the connection between their wolves. Their eyes would glow all day. Afterward, their eyes would only turn black when their wolf is in control of their bodies. The Alpha's eyes would glow bright red. A beta's eyes will glow a burnt orange. An omega's eyes will glow a bright blue.

Everyone was crowded around me trying to see my eyes glow orange. I was super excited as I looked into a mirror on the table. I could feel the excitement in the air as they waited. We all ate, drank, and mingled with the pack members but nothing ever happened. Very soon, their smiles started to turn to frowns. My father and brothers did as well, but my mother was very happy about it.

“Jelly Jasmine doesn't have a wolf. What a loser”, Oliver taunted, causing everyone in the packhouse, other than my parents, to laugh at me. Even Tamera and Tia, who I was close to, were laughing at me. Sabrina was upset and she ended up growling at Oliver. The alpha and Luna ended up growling at her. Sabrina's parents, Lori and Adam, took her away from the party, as she had just disrespected the future Alpha. I teared up and ran to my room, locking the door. As usual, Oliver had to ruin something special for me. My mom unlocked the door with her key and went in and I laid on the bed crying.

“It's okay my love,” she said, rubbing my back. I sat up and put my head on her shoulder.

“Why don't I have my wolf yet mom? I'm the betas daughter. I should have my wolf”, I told her. She pecked my head.

“You may just be a late bloomer, my daughter. Just give it time” she tried to assure me.

“Everyone is just going to pick on me now,” I told her. She puts her arms around me.

“Look at me Jassy”, she demanded. Jassy is her nickname for me. I looked up into her brown eyes. They held so much pride in them.

“You must never let them get under your skin. You are my special little girl, and one day you will come to see just what I mean, I promise”, She says, and I nod, feeling a little better. She always knows what to say to make me feel better. She stayed in my room with me for the rest of the day and we played games and talked until I fell asleep later. I woke up later that night with a huge headache. I went to the bathroom and got some Tylenol from the medicine cabinet. A purple glow caught my eye.

When I looked into the mirror for the source, I saw it was coming from me. My body was glowing a purple hue and my eyes were glowing purple as well. They were a pretty mystical color, purple. I had never heard or seen anything like what was happening to me before. I contemplated telling my mother, as she was the only one who understood me, but I didn't want to worry her.

“Hello, wolf girl?” I asked in my head. Maybe my wolf has finally come. Why else would my eyes be glowing?

“Hey wolfie you there,” I said in my head, but no response followed. Instead, my eyes turned back to their hazel brown. I ended up in tears again. I was indeed wolf less. The depression from the revelation made me forget about my purple glowing eyes and I went back to my room and cried myself to sleep.

Jasmine Pov

I lost the respect of my friends and the pack members that day. That included our alpha and Luna. It put my mom and dad at odds with the alpha and luna sometimes, but they tried not to let it show. Sabrina has been the only one who has stuck by my side since then. Even as an omega, she seemed stronger than me. She stuck up for me against those who tried to pick on me. Unfortunately, when it came to Oliver, she was forced to be quiet by her parents, but it didn't stop the glares she gave him. She always told me she hoped whoever ended up mating with him would reject him as he was the sort of person who needed to end up alone. I agreed. Having no wolf puts me at odds with Darnell. He would still growl at people who picked on me, but he wouldn't talk to me either. I came to realize later that he would only put on his protective brother stance as a front to the pack members and the girls. It broke my heart, being that we used to be close.

I could handle getting picked on. I could handle the taunts. I could handle the stress, but I almost broke at what came next.

2.Protecting Jasmine

Jessica Pov (Jasmines Mom)

To say I'm pretty happy Jasmine's eyes didn’t glow on her 13th birthday is an understatement. Her eyes would have either been orange or purple, and I would take the chance of them turning purple, as I knew I would lose her if I did. Purple eyes meant they would investigate Daniel and me. I have done so much to protect my baby girl that I would lose my mind if I ended up losing her. She is so special. She has no idea just how special she is.

“You're going to have to tell her someday”, my wolf Lana says.

“I know, but I will protect her as much as I can until then,” I told her.

“No, we will protect our pup together,” Lana says, and I smile. Lana is my best friend, and I don't know what I would do without her.

Daniel was upset that her eyes didn't turn orange. He loves Jasmine, just as much as he loves me given our situation, but I knew he was hoping she would only be a beta, so she would always be safe given we were married into the beta line. I met Daniel when I was 19 years old. I was running away from my old pack and my true mate as something terrible had happened there. My true mate gave his life to give me and Jasmine a chance to escape. Jasmine was only 6 months old at the time. Daniel took me in after I explained what had happened. His true mate had died while giving birth to Darnell. Daniel and I fell for each other in my time of grief, and I ended up becoming his chosen mate. Darnell was almost 2 at the time, so there isn't much he remembers. He knows I am not his mother, but I'm the only mother figure he has ever known. He even took to loving Jasmine as his sister, but lately, I see that they have grown apart. It upsets me to see them do so, as I consider Darnell to be my son.

The pack loved Jasmine from the moment she arrived. She has such a likable and innocent energy around her. I know she will one day make me proud. The only thing about Jasmine is that she isn't aware of who she is. She isn't aware that Daniel isn't her real dad, or that Darnell isn't her real brother. I am scared that she will come to resent me when she finds out, but I want to keep my little girl as little as I can for a long time. She is 15 now, but she is still my little girl.

I decided to sit at my desk and write a letter to her. I wrote the letter explaining everything, and tears poured from my eyes as I did. Having to relive that fateful day was enough to make anyone go crazy. As I finished writing the letter, I smelled the smell of apples. I knew it was Daniel coming behind me. Even though he wasn't my true mate, I had grown accustomed to his apple smell. It was a beautiful scent I have loved inhaling for years now. He put his arms around me from behind and nuzzled his face around my neck.

“My love, what are you doing,” he said, and I smiled. My love is a nickname he always called me.

“I am writing Jasmine a letter about her history. She can read it on her 18th birthday”, I told him. He stands over me and reads.

“No need to rush and tell her now, we will keep her protected as long as we can,” he says, grabbing the letter and putting it in his pocket. I stood up and wrapped my hands around his neck, pecking him.

“I know babe, I just don't want her to hate us for keeping this from her. She deserves so much more. I know you were hoping she would be a beta too. “I told him, and his face fell a little. Even though Jasmine isn't him, he has accepted and loves her as his. He always wants her safe.

“She won't hate you or me. She is exactly everything we have raised her to be. Sweet, caring, and compassionate. When the time comes, she will be ready to accept her destiny, and we will be there for her to do so”, he tells me, and pecks me all over my face and I giggle. What had I ever done to deserve this man?

Suddenly, someone links us.

“Betas, rouges spotted near the pack grounds. They seemed to be looking for someone. Five of our soldiers are dead so far”, the soldier says.

“The kids,” we say together, and we are out of the room instantly. As we ran, I saw Darnell in the kitchen.

“Darnell, where is Jasmine”, Daniel asks. He shrugs his shoulders as he sits down with an apple. Daniel knocks the apple out of his hands.

“What, dad,” he says angrily. Daniel jerks him up by his shirt.

“I don't have time for this. Where is your sister”, he commands?

“Last time I saw her, her and that omega she is with was headed to the forest,” he says, annoyed.

“Stay here and don't come out of the packhouse” Daniel commanded, before we ran towards the forest. I saw Sabrina's mom, Lori, running there.

“Rouges on the loose. Sabrina and Jasmine in the woods,” I want to her while running by. I hear her running behind me right after and her husband Adam soon follows. She must have mind linked him.


“Sabrina”. We yelled, trying to find them, but we didn't hear anything. We searched the forest for a few minutes running but we hadn't seen them. We started to turn around and go back to the packhouse to look for them when we heard two screams. I knew her voice from anywhere.

We ran to one side of the forest deep in the back and saw our girls surrounded by 5 wolves. I growl and shift into my wolf mid-air. They back away from our girls as we face them. I can see their wolves looking at mine in recognition. I am a white wolf, though not the one from the prophecy. That honor goes to my baby girl.

Jasmine and Sabrina run and gather behind Daniel and me. Sabrina is picked up by her mom and set down on her dad's back, who has shifted into his wolf. As the beta female of the pack, I have learned when to calculate the odds of a battle. Sabrina’s parents were not warriors. Our children are important at this moment, Jasmine especially. I looked at Daniel and he nodded with understanding. He takes the letter I've written from his pocket and whispers to Lori, who takes the letter. I nodded to her and looked at Jasmine, whose eyes were watered down.

“Be safe, my daughter. We will forever love you” I say in my mind, though I know she can’t hear me, I can tell she understands me. Adam shifts. His wolf is big enough to run them all back, considering he is only an omega. She nods and gets on Adams' back with Sabrina. Lori hops on Adam behind the girls and they head back to the packhouse. I know Adam has linked the warriors before then, but I know we will be dead before they get here. A tear falls from my eye as I watch them with one last glance before turning back to the wolves in front of me.

“I love you mom”, I hear the wind whisper, and I know it's Jasmine. I get closer to Daniel.

“I love you Daniel” linked him.

“I will see you soon, my love,” He linked me back. We stand side by side as the wolf’s attack, ready to face our end together.

3. I love you, Mom

Jasmine Pov

Our pack-grounds were big. Our packhouse was all white and was surrounded by fields of green pasture. In front of the packhouse were huts where the mated families of the omegas. The unmated omegas lived in the packhouse. There were some huts near the edge of the forest that were torn down and rotten. No one lives there. The forest, which was my favorite place to go sometimes, was behind the packhouse. It held so many beautiful types of trees. My favorite smell of fresh rain lingered on the wet leaves as it had rained the night before. Sabrina and I went through the forest to enjoy watching the leaves fall. We loved to put them in piles and jump on them. It was one of our favorite things to do. Sabrina's parents, Lori and Adam, gave us vanilla ice cream to eat since the day was hot.

We ended up finding a great spot where a bunch of leaves were falling. The tree looked ancient, but it was still just as beautiful as the rest.

“You ever wonder how all the trees were made,” Sabrina asked as we lay on the fallen leaves. We had already made leaf piles and were lying side by side on them.

“Silly the moon goddess, duh. Who else would have made the leaves and trees? All the beautiful things around us”, I tell her, and she laughs.

“I wish I could meet her one day. The moon goddess. Just to see what she is like. I bet she is beautiful beyond words. “Sabrina says, and it has me thinking. I wonder if I will ever meet her as well. Some people say they have gotten visions or even heard her voice in their head telling them what to do.

“Just don't meet her before your time. I was not ready for my best friend to leave me just yet”, I told her.

“Awe Jassy Jas I won't” Sabrina taunts. “Besides, you know you more than my best friend. You're my sister, and I love you too”, she says, and I hit her hand playfully. Even though she says it sarcastically, I know she is serious and that makes me feel really happy. Suddenly Sabrina sits up.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her as she stood up.

“Flora says the danger is near,” she says, and her eyes scan the forest. Flora is her wolf. I stood up and we got ready to run back to the packhouse when five wolves jumped out in front of us, surrounding Sabrina and me.

One of them shifts back to humans. Not to mention he is undressed. Thanks for ruining my innocent eyes.

“We are looking for the white wolf of prophecy. Witches say she resides here” one man says. He is tall with red hair and red-brown eyes.

“There is no white wolf here” I stutter as fear tickles my body. I can feel Sabrina stiffen up beside me before she stands in front of me protectively. She hasn't practiced fighting, and she hasn't shifted, but at this moment she is fierce and brave. As if some of her energy has flown into me, I stand at her side. She looks at me questionably before looking towards the rouges. If we die, then we die together as sisters. I grab her hand.

“We know she is here. You will take us to her, or we will slaughter your entire pack, starting with the two of you. “He threatens. We tried to stand our ground, but I felt Sabrina shaking.

“Kill them”. The man commands and the wolves run to us. Sabrina and I scream at the same time. I close my eyes waiting for the impact, but before they reach us, we hear a growl. The wolves pause and start to circle us slowly as the source of the growl comes close. At once, I saw my mom and her wolf. My dad is behind her along with Sabrina’s parents.

It was my mom's wolf that took me by surprise. I had never seen her shift before, though I have seen her merge with her wolf in human form to scold me about some things. Her wolf's fur was white. Pure white. Wolves of that color were said to have been royal. What is happening? Is she the wolf these rouges are looking for? Why do I have a feeling there is something she is keeping from me? These questions are left in my head as I grab Sabrina and we move behind my parents. Sabrina's dad had shifted, and she ran to him, getting on his back.

“Come on,” she says, reaching her hand out to me, but I can't just leave my parents. I saw my dad hand Sabrina's mom something before he looked at me and shifted into his brown wolf standing next to my mother. He started growling at the rouges to back up. My mom looked at me through her wolf's eyes, and I somehow knew she was telling me goodbye. I could feel it. I couldn't bring myself to say it back for some reason, so I just nodded.

I climbed on the back of Sabrina's dad’s back and her mother followed, climbing on as well. He soon took off, carrying us back to the packhouse. I turned back to look at my mother who was watching us and I couldn't help the tears that formed, feeling like I would never see her again.

“I love you mom” I whispered as we rode, and Lori tightened her arms around me as my tears fell.

4.Vicious Nature's

Jasmines Pov

We arrived back at the packhouse, passing soldiers that were already on the way to help my parents, who I knew were already gone. I just knew it deep down, because there was a hole that opened suddenly in my heart, and I couldn't seem to close it. Once we got back to the packhouse, we were met by Luna Leena, Alpha John, my brother Darnell and the Alphas' son Oliver.

" What happened?" Alpha John demanded. I didn't have a wolf, but I felt his fury roll-off in waves. He would have felt the death of his beta, which means most likely, my mother was dead too.

" Alpha" Adam bows. " We were told by Beta Jessica and Daniel that rouges were spotted near the pack. They were rushing to the woods, and we had let our daughter play there with Jasmine. We were able to save them, but I believe the Betas are now dead", Adam says, bowing his head.

Darnell tries to run to get to our parents, but Oliver is holding him back.

" Why would you let your daughter go in the forest unsupervised" Luna Leena growls, causing Adam, Lori, and Sabrina to bow their heads in submission. The growl didn't affect me for some reason, but that didn't stop me from bowing my head in shame.

" And you, a beta's daughter. Your friend is an omega, so it doesn't surprise me but you", she says, causing me to hold my head up and look at her. " You. I blame you for this. You knew better, and now your parents are dead" She spat at me, causing me to flinch. Luna Leena had never been hostile towards me before. The venom that dripped with each word sickened me to my stomach, because I knew she was right.

" Get out of my sight" Alpha John demanded Adam, Lori, and Sabrina. He used his alpha voice, which meant they had no choice but to up and follow it. They left immediately with Sabrina giving me one last sad glance. She knew I needed her right now more than ever, but she couldn't be with me. I would never hold it against her. Now that they were gone, everyone's attention turned toward me.

I looked at Darnell, who had stopped fighting against Oliver and had fallen to his knees. He looks so defeated. I reach out to him but jump back when he growls viciously at me. He stands up and walks over and slaps me. I held my face to try to stop the burn that would follow as I looked up at him. He had never hit me before. Darnell then punched me in my stomach, and I fell over until I was on the ground. He proceeded to kick me. Pack members are watching some with sad looks. Some with pity. Some looked.... happy?

" This is...(kick)...your...(kick).... fault...(kick)" he said as he kicked me all over my body. I looked to the alpha for help, but he just stood there with a blank look as if waiting for something. Luna Leena was smirking and Oliver. Oliver's expression kept shifting between anger and pity.

"Stop please" begged Darnell, but my words were empty as he continued to kick me.

He then stopped kicking me and got on his knees, wrapping his hands around my throat. I couldn't believe it. My brother tried to kill me. I wrapped my hands around his wrist trying to move them, but I could already see spots clouding my vision as I couldn't breathe. One more minute now and I would be dead. I stopped resisting, and closed my eyes, waiting to join my parents.

Death never came. Instead, Oliver had grabbed Darnell and pulled him off me. I sat up, wrapping my hands around my throat, trying to catch my breath again. My whole body was in so much pain from almost being kicked to death. Darnell stopped struggling with Oliver.

" You are no longer any sister of mine. Stay out of my way or next time I'll finish the job". He threatened before walking away. Luna Leena just laughs loudly while the Alpha looks at me, as if trying to figure something out. A warrior comes out of the woods and shakes his head, confirming what I already knew. The alpha nods to him and turns around, walking away, with Luna Lenna right behind him. Oliver is still here, and his presence, for some reason, is comfortable. Oliver is just watching me, with his wide range of emotions, mostly negative, some full of pity.

"Thank you" I tried to say with a small smile, but all I could do was a whisper as my throat was sore.

His face seemed to settle in anger after I said that to him. He kneels to me.

" I didn't do it for you. I did it because I needed my beta. You're just a wolfless who got her parents killed. " He growls in my ear low enough for only me to hear. My heart squeezes tight from his words and tears fall again. He stands up and starts to walk away. Everyone is watching, minus Sabrina and her parents. He takes three steps before he turns around. This time his face was freshly angry.

" WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME" he yelled, walking back my way.

" I didn't call you anything", I started to say, but I didn't finish because his foot had connected with my face, and it was lights out for me.

5. Beaten Down

Sabrina Pov

Something isn't right. This is what my wolf Flora is telling me as I enter my hut with my parents. I can feel the sadness pouring from them in waves of what happened. Our recklessness. We hadn't even thought we would need supervision, as Jasmine and I tend to go into the forest frequently. What had changed now?

We all sat in the living room. None of them said a word. Flora was still saying something was wrong.

"Of course, something is wrong. Jasmine's parents are dead, and there is nothing we can do to help her about it", I told her.

" No, I know that. I mean something is off with Jasmine. I think she is in pain”, Flora says.

" Well, of course she is. Did you not hear a word of what I just said, I asked her, and she growled at me frustrated? " Besides, how are you sensing her? She has no wolf" I ask her and to that she doesn't respond, which is unlike her, because she usually gives a snarky comment back. I look at my parents.

"It's not your fault," I said out loud, causing both of them to look at me. "It's not your fault. Jasmine and I play in the forest all the time, and our idiot alpha and luna have the nerve to blame me and Jasmine AFTER Jasmine just lost both of her parents", I said seething. I'm pissed at them, but especially the Luna. How dare that bimbo talk down on us as if it was our fault.

" Sabrina, you must watch how you talk about the Luna and Alpha" mom tells me. I roll my eyes, but I know she is right. Our luna is so uptight. All she has to do is complain about someone and the Alpha will have them killed. Stupid hypocrites. Jasmine thought they loved her even though I'd been telling her for years they didn't. I'm only sorry that this is the way she was forced to find out the truth about them.

" I feel so sorry for that poor girl," my dad says.

The alpha commanded us to come home, but he never said anything about us staying home. I told them I was going to my room and snuck out the back. I could see Tia and Tamera coming towards me smirking.

" Oh dear, I wonder if she knows," Tia said, smirking, and I rolled my eyes. I don't have time for twin right now. Jasmine needs me. I try to sidestep them but, they are quicker and are both in front of me again.

"Where are you going, off to see the dead tramp friend of yours" Tamera taunts, putting her hand on her hip. That makes me pause.

"What are you talking about? I don't have a dead friend", I tell them and go to push past them again, but they end up right back in front of me laughing.

"She hasn't heard," Tia says to Tamera, who is still laughing.

" Of course, she hasn't heard" Tamera taunts. At this point, I'm highly annoyed and I growl.

"What don't I know," I asked them, waiting for them to tell me their answer so I could move. I can't believe Jasmine and I had ever been friends with them anyway.

" The late beta's son Darnell ended up freaking out and punching and kicking your skanky friend almost to death. He blames the bimbo for his parents. Alpha and Luna were laughing while Oliver just watched as well as many of our other pack members. Darnell would have killed her by choking her too if poor Oliver hadn't intervened. Tia explained and my eyes widened. I pushed past them to get to Jasmine.

"Don't you want to hear the best part?" Tamera shouted, causing me to pause. They giggled more.

"She thanked Oliver for helping her and as he was walking away, we whispered freakinto the air, imitating her voice, which caused him to kick her unconscious. She may be dead" Tamera explained and she and Tia burst out laughing again.

By this time, I was seething and debating whether to kill them or go to Jasmine. I couldn't fight against rogues, but I was ready to try to protect Jasmine from them, but I knew I could take them. Jasmine never knew it, but I was training myself to become a better fighter and I was gonna teach her once I mastered how to defend myself.

I decided my worry about Jasmine was much bigger and I ran to where she was last. My heart broke when I saw her body on the ground, causing me to run faster. I could hear Flora howling in my head for our friend as I reached her. THIS WAS NOT HOW I LEFT HER!

She had open cuts all over her face and arms. Some were bleeding. Some looked like they had been bleeding but stopped. I checked to make sure none of her bones were broken. I looked around and saw pack members watching me. Were they the ones who watched her get beaten too? Flora growls in my head. I shook off the negative thoughts as I still heard her breathing. Even though we are not able to shift, we start to develop some of our wolf characteristics as we get older. My sense of smell and my strong abilities have already come in, which is what allowed me to pick her up and carry her to my hut.

I kicked down the door and my parents stood up quickly, most likely thinking they were under attack, but they calmed down when they saw it was just me. Horror filled their eyes when they saw Jasmine. My parents, being pack doctors, cleared a table in their work area and I set Jasmine on it. They went to work instantly. Our hut was much bigger than most huts due to my parents being pack doctors. They attended most of the members in our hut since we hadn't had a pack hospital because of cost. According to Luna Leena, it cuts costs and saves money when my parents can just work from home.

" How did this happen?" my mom questions, hooking up an Iv while my dad puts a blood pressure cuff around her. I go into detail about what the twins told me. My parents were extremely pissed afterward but they took a breath and calmed down, going back to help Jasmine. After mom cleaned her cuts and stitched them up, dad put a hand on my shoulder.

" Sport. You may want to go outside for this next part," he tells me, but I shake my head. I've seen the worst of the worst and I'm not leaving Jasmine. He looks to my mom for help, but she knows I won't leave Jasmine. Jasmine and I have this unspoken bond. She is my sister above all else.

" Well, if you're not leaving, then you will need to pin her down. She has a few broken bones, and I need to shift them in the right place", Mom says, and I nod, grabbing onto her arms. Mom counts to three. At three, I hear a snap and Jasmine wakes up. The most high-pitched scream of pure pain fills the hut, and she thrashes against me, but I hold her down anyway.

"Poor Jasmine," Flora says, and I agree. Jasmine seemed to pass out suddenly. She kept waking up and passing out as mom and dad rearranged her bones. Finally, mom was done and had her bandaged and hooked on an Iv with morphine as well as something to keep her asleep for a while. My heart was breaking for her and I tried not to concentrate on the burning hate I had coursing through me for every single person of leadership in this pack. I'm going to make them ALL pay. They could count on it.

6. Dad and Daughter

Jasmines Pov

I woke up on a leather chair with lines hooked to my body. I groaned instantly, as it felt like my body had been run over by a thousand trucks. As I looked around, I could tell I was in Sabrina's house. She and I have snuck down here countless times. As I laid in place, everything started coming back to me. Playing with Sabrina. Surrounded by Rouges. Leaving my parents behind to die. Almost being killed by Darnell and being knocked out by Oliver. My right eye felt swollen where his foot connected and there was something over it. I was only seeing from my left eye.

At this point, I think I'd rather be dead. I saw Sabrina and Lori come in. Lori starts checking my vitals while Sabrina sits beside me and holds my hand. I don't remember how I got here.

"How you are feeling Jasmine," Lori asks in her sweet voice of hers. She and Sabrina look just alike. Both have the same black hair and sky-blue eyes with a heart-shaped face. The only difference is, Sabrina keeps her hair cut short to her neck while her mother's hair on the other hand, is to her waist. She keeps it in a single braid to her back.

" Sore," I tell her. My voice is still scratchy from when Darnell choked me. I tear up at it. Lori nods.

" Sabrina told us what happened to you, but what do you remember," She asks me. I remember everything. I just wish I could forget too.

" Parents....dead.... Brother...beat me up.... Oliver....knocked me out...Alpha and Luna....watched...luna...laughed...blamed parents.... death." I tell her my breath wheezing. Sabrina holds water with a straw in it to help it go down easier. It felt so good going down my throat.

"I am sorry," Lori says, her eyes downcast. I can feel she is blaming herself for letting us go alone.

"Not your fault," I told her and tried to manage a small smile. She smiles back, adding something through the needle in my arm which causes me to feel very cozy and warm inside my body. She leaves the room, leaving Sabrina.

"How long have...I been here?" I asked. She looks broken in a way.

" Four days. The Alpha was here to check on you. He says you are to be made a runt of the pack. He says he will come and collect you in 3 more days to come get you. You are banned from going into the packhouse unless it is too clean or cooking for them" she says through her teeth. I can feel her anger. I try to calm her, though the news she has told me alarms me in many ways.

" Where am I to .... sleep," I asked her. Her eyes turn black, letting me know her wolf Flora is in charge, and she growls. I know it's not gonna be a good answer.

" They have you sleeping in the dirty huts in the forest near where your parents have been killed", Flora growled, and my heart started beating fast. Do they expect me to live there? I don't think my heart can take it. I feel myself fading away again. I reached out with difficulty and placed my hand on Sabrina's hand.

" I will be okay," I tell her as the warmness inside me overcomes and I fall into a deep sleep.

Sabrina's Dream

I know I'm dreaming somehow, as I feel light as a feather, I'm in a garden. The sun is beaming hot but is somehow cool on my skin too. Weird.

"My child," a voice said, turning around. I saw a beautiful lady with blonde hair and green eyes. She is in a pale green dress that clings to her body. I can feel so much power from her and, somehow, I know who she is.

"Moon goddess," I said to her. She smiles and nods, holding her hand's arms out to me.

"Come child, we have a lot to discuss"!

7. The 17th Birthday Surprise

Jasmine Pov

I moved into the forest hut today. They gave me one right across from where my parents gave their lives for me. Alpha John and Luna Leena were waiting there when I arrived. Luna Leena's smirk was all over her face. I could tell she was waiting for something. Most likely for me to break down. Alpha John had the same patient expression as if he too were waiting for something. They weren't gonna get it.

I went to this clearing yesterday with Sabrina, Lori, and Adam. I cried and cried. The pack members hadn't even tried to clean up the bloodstains. I just left them there as a reminder. I made a promise to my parents in the clearing that I would never let any of them break me, no matter what. As I did, I felt the wind stir and wrap around me as a comfort. I smiled as I felt the ghost of their arms around me. I knew they would never leave me. I intend to keep that promise.

I smiled graciously at the Alpha and Luna and bowed as per our custom. I looked at the site with sad eyes before looking back at them.

"Thank you for allowing me to be closer to them," I told them with a small smile. I could feel another wind surrounding me, pulling me like a blanket. Maybe I was imagining things, but it helped a lot.

"This isn't a favor, It's a punishment. Do you not care that your parents were killed here" She sneers, putting her hand on her hip? I bite back the urge to tell her to shut up.

" I do care, Luna, I just feel that even though they are gone, their presence is still here. Alpha, if it is okay with you, I would like to make small sites in the clearing there as a way for me to pay my respect since I am not allowed to visit their graves", I told him. He narrows his eyes at me. Sabrina told them to tell me I was not allowed into the graveyard since I was now declared a runt of the pack. The graveyard grounds were for omegas or higher, but I was okay with that. Their bodies were there, but their souls were not. Their spirits are still with me, and I will cling to them as my life depends on it.

"Fine" is all he says before walking off, leaving me with Luna. She puts her finger in my face.

" I don't know what your game is, but you will be broken. I will take utter joy in seeing you defeated as I do. Maybe then I will have my revenge", she says before walking off, leaving me confused.

Revenge on what?

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