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Charlotte & The Seven Frat Brothers Novel Read Online

Charlotte & The Seven Frat Brothers Novel Read Online - I am truly sorry, miss. The school's administrator apologizes to me again for the fifth time. I nibble on my bottom lip, weighing my choices. I can either take the offer the school is now presenting me or live back at home with my parents and drive three hours to school. I prop my elbows on the desk, leaning over to whisper, so no one around me can hear.

Charlotte & The Seven Frat Brothers Novel Read Online

"So for the next semester, I would have to live in the fraternity house?"

"That is correct, but if an opening does come available before then we will transfer you. That is the best I can do for you ."

"Ok—I'll do it ." My voice is barely above a whisper .

The administrator busies herself getting all the paperwork ready for me to sign. Twenty minutes I have keys to the frat house in one hand and my suitcase in the next. Walking along the campus, I see how happy everyone looks, carrying their belongings to their dorms and what not, making me a little sour. I trudge forward, looking straight ahead at the frat house I will be calling home for a semester or less. It was my last year in college and I wanted it to be perfect as the first year .

Yeah right .

I pull the suitcase up the porch steps and hesitantly unlock the door. I hear talking coming from what I assume to be the living room and walk in that general direction. Seven guys lounges around talking about the first party of the year and how epic it was going to be. I clear my throat and the room gets quiet all eyes turn to me .

Be cool Charlotte. It's just boys. I tell myself. "Hi, I am Charlotte ." I wave .

"Party isn't until tonight doll face ." One of the guys on the couch stated. I look his way glaring. One thing I hate more than being here was being objected by people, especially men .

"I'm not here for a party, I'm the new roommate. I assume the lady down at the office called to inform you guys ." I look around keeping a tight smile on my face. The room erupts in yelling, not at me but at the situation. I watched them as they pointed the finger at one another. A loud whistle rang throughout the room and everyone quiets down. They turn their attention to the black haired guy, now standing .

"Quiet down fellas. I'll fix this situation ." He walks to me extending his hand, I'm not sure what he thinks he can fix. I've tried to fix it already, but I'll let him humor me. "Hi, Charlotte, I'm Darren Reed, you must know who I am..." He looks behind him to the rest of the guys. "You ought to know who we all are ."

Yes, I've seen them about the campus, the cheerleaders hanging onto them for dear life. I knew they were football players but that's where it ends. I major in culinary arts, if not in class or doing homework I'm in the school's kitchen or home cooking, coming up with new recipes .

"I'm sorry, I don't ." I put my hand back to my side. This honestly was the truth, I didn't actually know them .

The guys' faces screwed up, not believing me. Every girl on campus knew of them, I bet. Eighty percent of the female population has been with at least one of the seven and that is a fact. Darren stared at me with interest, probably because no female in her right mind would tell them they didn't know who they were .

"Are you going to show me my room? I would like to get settled in ." I ask feeling uneasy, he was checking me out and the look in his eyes told me that he was nothing, but trouble. Trouble I don't want .

"You see there has been a bit of miscommunication. Old lady Martha said we were getting a student by the name of Charley, we assumed it was a guy—seeing as it is a frat house. Never in a million years would we have guessed it was a female that wants to stay here ." Darren raises his eyebrows, waiting for an explanation, but I wasn't giving it to him. Since there wasn't one in the first place .

"Its twenty-sixteen, you shouldn't assume things and my nickname is Charley short for Charlotte ." I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear. "Now, can you show me to my room?"

Darren's eyes widen in shock but quickly covered it clearing his throat, turning around to face the room. "First, let the guys introduce themselves, I'll show you to your room and we will be out your hair in no time ." Darren looks at me over his shoulder. I nod my head walking further into the living, leaving my suitcase behind .

"Everett Sawyer at your service doll face. I'm majoring in Business and I throw the best parties Waverly has ever seen ." He says, pulling out his phone—texting away .

"Dollface?" I tape the screen of his phone, grabbing his attention .

"What?" He looks up at me .

"You are allowed to either call me Charley or Charlotte. Dollface is unacceptable and downright. I'm not a crazed feminist, but there are some things I just won't allow and that's the unnecessary name calling ."

"I like her," the guy next to him said. "The name is Tristan Beckett, majoring in Business as well, with my twin brother here," he looks to his left. They were identical.

"Vincent." He just nods. Vincent seemed to be more to his self whereas Tristan was out there .

"And over here to your left..." Darren redirects my attention to the other side of the living room. The last three guys sitting down looking uninterested in me or then it could be life in general. I make my way to that side as the muscular one out the three stands up. He extends his hand, I place mine into his .

"I'm Chase Tucker, school's quarterback, head of this household and I would appreciate if you respect the rules that apply in this house. I have personally spoken to Martha and it was my fault for the confusion and I should have asked male or female. None of that is important because you are here now. To my right; are my left and right-hand men, Miguel Jackson and Austin Kramer, we all major in business. Darren will show you to your room ." He let's go of my hand then claps his together. "Let's go fellas ." The guys stood up and started to disappear through the front door .

"You have five minutes," Chase tells Darren before leaving out the house too .

"Is he always like that?" I asked as we made our way upstairs. Darren only grunted and didn't say anything and I didn't think he was either. He barely knows me to want to talk behind his friend back .

"So this is your room. The bathroom is right through that door. Just knock before using it ."

"Why?" I open the door. It looks like a regular bathroom to me .

"Well, the only room left in the house was this one and the bathroom you will be sharing is with Chase..."

"What? Can I get another one? I don't want him coming into my room when he has to use it ." I look at him like he is crazy .

"Huh? No, he won—that door right across is the bathroom door to his bedroom. No one wanted this room because Chase likes things his way a lot. Another reason why he is on the third floor by himself, well not no more ." He gives me an apologetic smile. "Just knock on the bathroom door and whatever you do, don't go into his room without his permission and keep the noise level down after nine during the weekday. We might be a frat house, but since we all major in business we like to study to keep on top of our school work. Follow those three rules and you will be fine ."

"Darren let's go!" Everett's voice bounced off the walls .

"Coming now!" He shouted back exiting the room. "See you later on, tonight Charley."


I take the time to unpack and look around the house. The kitchen is downright breathtaking, state-of-the-art appliances. My eyes zoom in on the stove; it's not just any stove but the Majestic techno series dual fuel freestanding range with 8 burners, sealed burner, and warming drawer. Holy this thing cost at least sixteen grand. My hand itches to cook on it but the kitchen is a bit messy, along with the rest of the house—the living room, foyer, den, home gym and game room .

All a mess .

My phone rings, I retrieve it from my pocket and Raven's face flashes on the screen .

"Hey, where are you?" She asks .

"Hello to you too ."

"Uh huh, hi now where are you? I have some snotty bit—girl moving her things into our room ."

"Oh, I should have called you when I left the administrative building. Somehow all the dorm rooms got filled and now I'm staying at the Croakington House ." I hear her gasp and everything went silent. "Raven, are you still there?"

"Yeah, yeah. I just think I heard you wrong. It sounded like you said you are staying at the Croakington house—which is like a frat house and that means it's only guys who live there and guys I mean the hottest players to bless the campus and football team. Also, Chase Tucker—middle school crush. Ohmigee Char Char you can totally be with him ."

I roll my eyes. "Yup that sounds about right and I can tell you they all hate that I'm here especially Chase, but Martha in the office said she will call me ASAP when another dorm is free; hopefully soon ." I ignore her last comment. She knows I will not speak of Chase so; she doesn't press the situation any further. It was part of our best friend pact. Chase was a no-go zone for anything. He was someone I used to know .

"Wow, I would hate to be in your shoes right now. Kidding, I would love to be in your shoes. They're all so hot. So, what are you going to do for the time being?"

"Well for starters I'm going to clean the entire house and cook a dinner, my way of saying thank you for being so welcoming and please don't kill me in my sleep ." I joke .

"I'm pretty sure they won't kill you in your sleep ." She laughs. "I mean that does sound like a great idea though cooking and cleaning for them. You know what?"


"You're like the new modern day Snow White ."

"Ha ha ha very funny ."

"No seriously, you're living in a house with seven guys and you're about to cook and clean for them. If you are lucky one or two of them might want t—"

"Bye, Raven, I'll call you later on, tonight .

"Bye, Charlotte White ."


I glance at the clock hanging in the kitchen and sigh. It took me three hours to get the house clean and smelling of anything but sweat. These frat brothers' probably haven't cleaned anything besides their room in a while. Now, it's time to make a dinner to feed eight, but then again I think I should make enough for a herd. They are football players after all. My phone buzzes on the countertop .

Raven: Haven't heard from you, are you ok?

Charlotte: Yup, about to make dinner. All the cleaning is done finally .

Raven: What are you making? Pot roast? Shrimp? Chicken?

Charlotte: Grilled chicken, red potatoes, and asparagus .

Raven: Yummers!

Charlotte: Ttyl

Raven: Caio

I place the phone into my back pocket and looked around the kitchen. I begin to take out the ingredients and prepare to make the best meal these guys have ever tasted. I have to make sure this meal comes out great. This was my first meal I ever learned, thanks to my parents. Both of them are chefs and pretty great ones at that. I see an iPhone dock in the corner on the counter, a little music while I cook, and it sounds like a great idea .

An hour later I am prepping the table, I was thankful to see they had a dining table one big enough to fit all eight of us. The sound of Kelis's Milkshake vibrates off the walls as I began moving from the kitchen to the dining room with the food. The smell of the food hits my nostrils and I am in food heaven. I dance a little carrying the tray of the chicken to the table .

Walking back to the kitchen, I place the potatoes on another tray, swinging my hips from side to side .

"Something smells delicious ."

I jump turning around to see the guys peeking in the doorway .

"Haven't your mothers' taught you not to sneak up on people? I could have hurt myself or even worse dropped the food ." I glare at them .

"Sorry dol-Charles, it's been awhile since we come home from the field and there is a cooked meal ." Everett walks into the dining room, I follow behind him and the rest of them follow behind me .

"Oh, so you guys had a cook?" I ask .

"Nah, Chase was banging some girl last year and she loved to cook ." He shrugs his shoulders and takes a seat. I look behind me to Chase and he seems like he wanted to rip Everett's head off. The guys gather around the table and I look at them all like they were crazy, they had to be. Growing up my mother would always reprimand me for sitting at the dining table dirty. If I was outside playing, I would time myself to come in the house ten minutes before dinner. Always at the table on time with fresh clothes, mud and dirt free. So cleaning yourself off before dinner is something I can never stray from and I always try to encourage others to do so. I think Raven hates it in a sense too. She always tells me I reminded her of my mother at times .

"Uh guys, don't you think you should freshen up before sitting down to eat?"

Tristan looks at me or it could be Vincent, well one of the twins looks at me and stand up. "Sorry ." That's definitely Tristan. I smile as he walks out the room, followed by everyone but Chase. He sits at the head of the table watching me intensively. I see he is just going to make this difficult .

"Are you going to join them?"

"No ."

"Then I guess you won't be eating," I say walking towards him, taking his plate and utensils from the table. He grabs my wrist and tiny little lightning bolts spread throughout my body. I try to yank my arm away, but that makes him hold on a little tighter. "Let go ."

"Put my stuff back ." Is he really doing this?

"Then go get cleaned up and I will ." I yank again and he lets me go. I stumble a bit but quickly regain my balance. He stands up slowly, never taking his eyes off of me. "Th-thank you ."

He grunts and walks out the room, leaving me to my thoughts. I am so dead meat. I quickly placed his plate back once I heard the footsteps more like a stampede headed my way. I stood out the way as the guys rushed back into the dining room taking their seats .

"Dammit, this looks good," Austin speaks and he has a lovely Irish accent. He rubs his hands reaching for the chicken .

"No," I shout. Everyone looks at me confused. "We have to wait for Chase to come down before we can eat ."

"Uhhh," Miguel's eyes meet mine. "Chase isn't coming down; he said he has a lot of studying to do ."

"Unbelievable," I mutter. I take a quick pause calculating my next move. I don't want to overstep my boundaries but come on; he really is going to the extreme not to do as I say, just once. I storm out the dining room, taking the steps two at a time. I stand in front of his door, knocking. He swings the door open, folding his arms at his chest. "How can I he-"

"Since I told you to clean yourself you decide not to come eat? I think that is a bit childish of you. Everyone else is waiting downstairs to eat and they can't ." I'm starting to sound like my mother. I'm reprimanding him. Raven is so right .

"Why is that?" he asks leaning on the door frame. "I'm not stopping anyone from eating ."

"Uh, yeah you are. This is our first dinner as a house family ." I want you guys to like me. Why are you making it so hard? I want to scream at him, can't he just take my welcoming dinner and be nice .

He pushes himself off the doorframe and steps closer to me. Too close for comfort. "Let's get this one thing straight Charlotte Withers, you are not family. You're someone who accidentally got placed in here. It's not your fault, but hey there is nothing we can do about it now. I've been with these guys since day one, not you. You make one dinner and expect everyone to follow your rules. I told you once already I'm the head of the household and I don't like to repeat myself ." He clears his throat leaning down to my ear. "Don't push me; things could get really ugly around here if you do ." He takes a step back into his room slamming the door in my face. I jump back, tears of angry forming in my eyes. I just want everyone to be happy. I turn to head downstairs and I see the guys peeking around the corner before dashing downstairs, great they saw and heard everything .

"So can we eat? We've been patiently sitting down here waiting ." Everett lies, did they really think I didn't see or hear them?

"Sure, dig in ." I say taking my seat at the other end of the table .

"Hey, I wouldn't take whatever Chase says to heart. He has a lot going on and anything ticks him off," Vincent reaches over patting my hand. I give him a weak smile nodding my head .

"Seriously Charles don't sweat it ." Darren looks to me smiling before shoving chicken into his mouth. "Oh god, this is so good. Tastes better than Brooke and she tastes good ."

The table groans, telling him to shut up. Well if Brooke tastes of chicken I would tell her she needs to go to the hospital to make sure everything alright down there. The dinner went well, but I couldn't help but to stare at Chase's empty chair and think that he was right, yet an badguy at the same time. These guys chatted like one big family and here I was sitting quietly watching them as if I was looking at them from the outside. They tried to pull me into their conversations, but my head wasn't in it .

Dinner was over and I told the guys I would clean up the mess, not like I had a choice because they were already climbing the stairs closing their bedrooms. Twenty minutes of cleaning and the kitchen and dining room was spotless. I lean against the kitchen island, staring down at my drink. I hear footsteps and turn around. Chase walks into the kitchen. We stay silent and stare at each other .

"I made you a plate ." I look over at the aluminum covered plate on the counter. "I figured after all that studying you might get hungry ." He doesn't say anything and heads for the refrigerator. "Well, goodnight ." I exit out the kitchen and lean against the wall. I hear the aluminum foil and then a fork scraped against the plate. He is eating the food-the next sound shatters me, the garbage disposal comes on and the plate hits the sink. He threw the food away. I hang my head and walk up the stairs in defeat .

I hope the school finds an empty room and fast.

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